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Must Read Travel Novels As Chosen By FlightHub


Adventure travel and road trips sometimes need inspiration. While it’s easy to find information on standard trips to resorts and cities, you will need to dig deeper to find a way to inspire yourself to go on a vacation you can call your own. One place to find this inspiration is in the words of famous novels. While books can be about literally everything, there are more than a few classics out there that deal with the great American road trip. FlightHub, a North American online travel agency, knows a thing or two about planning vacations. FlightHub put together a list of some of the best and most inspirational road trip and adventure travel stories.



On The Road
Jack Kerouac

On The Road is considered an essential American novel according to FlightHub, whether you are looking to travel or not. Chronicling the stories of Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassaday as they road tripped across America, On The Road is a story about “Beat culture” and its pioneer Kerouac as he and his friends experienced the world on their own terms. This story dives deep into jazz, drugs and highways, taking the rider along at a unique time in America’s history.



Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas
Hunter S. Thompson

Drawing loosely on the influence of On The Road, Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas is the spiritual sequel to Kerouac’s classic, dealing at varying lengths with the American Dream, the state of counterculture and the struggles of fitting into what a normal life in America was supposed to be at the time. From the mind of Hunter S. Thompson, this story follows Raoul Duke as he arrives in Las Vegas in 1971 to report on a motorcycle race. Once in Las Vegas, Duke, through the use of drugs, ponders the fate of counter culture through a series of experiences. While not about travel specifically, Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas speaks to what life is and isn’t. For some, life is the job and home, while for others life is about experiencing the world at large.


into-the-wildInto The Wild
Jon Krakauer

The ultimate adventure travel story according to FlightHub, Into The Wild is the tale of Christopher McCandless. McCandless, a graduate from a well-off family, decided post-graduation that he would donate his money and hit the road. While his story took him across North America, it ultimately came to an end in Alaska, where McCandless died in a hunting shelter from starvation. It is believed his death was caused or expedited by the consumption of poisonous plants. His story, which became the subject of a film directed by Sean Penn, is both an inspiration and a cautionary tale about adventure travel.

The Singing Window o
FlightHub’s Favori