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Readalong for Joshilyn Jackson’s ‘The Opposite of Everyone’

Karma’s a bitch … but so is Paula Vauss.

The Opposite of EveryoneIf you visit Joshilyn Jackson’s website right now, you’ll see the promo for her new book The Opposite of Everyone. A story of betrayal, love, revenge and the power of family, karma plays a big part in this book.

Born in Alabama, Paula Vauss spent the first decade of her life on the road with her free-spirited young mother, Kai, an itinerant storyteller who blended Hindu mythology with Southern oral tradition. Everything changed the day Paula decided to tell a story of her own, one that landed Kai in prison and Paula in foster care. Separated, each holding her own secrets, the intense bond mother and daughter once shared was fractured.

As an adult, Paula has reinvented herself as a tough divorce attorney with a successful practice in Atlanta. She hasn’t seen her mother in 15 years, but when Kai’s most treasured secret lands on Paula’s doorstep, her life is thrown into chaos. With the help of her ex-lover Birdwine, Paula must make a journey of self discovery to put her family back together.

Readalong Details 

Our readalong for The Opposite of Everyone in conjunction with Traveling With T starts Tuesday, February 16, on the book’s release day. Here’s how we’ll break things up:

Part One: Chapters 1-4, February 16-26 (get the notes here)
Part Two: Chapters 5-8, February 27-March 7
Part Three: Chapters 9-13, March 8-18

Notes will be posted weekly on Deep South, with additional content, like reader questions and character guides, posted over at Traveling With T. Join the discussion by commenting and posting on social media using the hashtags #southernlit and #jjreadalong.

Twitter Chat: On March 18, we chat with Joshilyn on Twitter and get her to answer all of our burning questions about the book (plus give away a copy!). Chat time will be 1-2 CST, and we’ll be using the hashtag #southernlit.

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