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Just for Now

by Sandra Bounds

A tiny thing
this girl child of mine.
I hold her and rock her,
croon and whisper to her
in sweet mother language
as I marvel at the utter perfection
of fragile fingers curled trustingly
around just one of mine.

I watch her,
letting my gaze linger
from softly crowned head
to pink soles
of happily wriggling feet.

I gave her life,
and for just a moment,
she is mine to love,
she who is so vulnerable,
so dependent on that love.

Just for now, she is mine,
but already
I plead for courage
to love enough for letting go.

Sandra Bounds was born in Mississippi and lives in Macon. She has a Master of Arts in English and has taught in both high school and community college. An active member of the Mississippi Poetry Society, she was its 2005 Poet of the Year, and the society published a chapbook of her poetry to honor that selection. She has won many awards in contests sponsored by the society and has been published in such journals as Art Gulf Coast, The Lyric, The Road Not Taken, Sharing, The Well-Tempered Sonnet and Westward Quarterly. Read her former poems published in Deep South here.

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  • JMC / April 5, 2016

    Beautiful, truly lovely. Thank you.

  • Beth / April 6, 2016

    Love this poem! Very moving !!