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Henry and Nin

by Tiffany Decou

I got an email from my Poet friend today.
We speak in poetry.
It’s quite mad and silly at the same time.

He once was my muse.
I once was his soul mate.
We can laugh about it now
and speak in poetry.

I called him a ghost.
He called me a Juliet.
We got angry
and walked away.

We kissed that one night to Concrete Blonde.
I called him my Henry
and I your Nin,
but it never came to light.

I got an email from my Poet friend today.
Who gets my crazy mind and silly ways,
but I am in the swamp and he in the land of jazz

So far away he says,
but I’m just right here,
I say.


Tiffany Decou is a writer born in the backwoods of Minden, Louisiana, but calls Lafayette home. She has a nationally recognized food radio show called Lafayette Food Junkie and is obsessed with all things Southern Gothic. Her biggest writing muses are love and fried chicken. Read her past poem Marriage Gothic here

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