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Literary Friday, Edition 215

Celebrating Truman Capote 


Surrounding Truman Capote’s birthday on September 30 and the sale of his ashes starting today, we are dedicating the next several weeks to the author who was born in New Orleans and spent his early childhood in Alabama. Through a series of stories and interviews about Capote’s life and death, we will strive to present a full portrait of the author  — complete with his triumphs and faults. We’ll be talking to authors who’ve written about him, studied and discovered his work to examine his place in Southern and American literature, his celebrity image and the legacy he leaves behind.

This week, we start with an introduction to Capote and a reading list of his published works.


Literary News

We will be debuting our Fall/Winter Reading List next Friday, so stay tuned! And get an early sneak peek if you’re a subscriber.

johngrishamGarden & Gun holds court with John Grisham (pictured by Billy Hunt) 25 years after The Firm hit shelves.

Nylon quotes Eudora Welty in introducing its Nonfiction Map of the United States.

In addition to bidding on Capote’s ashes this week, you could also buy F. Scott Fitzgerald’s old house where he wrote This Side of Paradise in St. Paul, Minnesota.


Literary Events, Workshops & Contests 

The Flannery O’Connor Childhood Home will continue its lineup of fall lectures in Savannah, Georgia, on Sundays through December 11.

f_scott_fitzgerald_5Scott’s 120th Birthday Breakfast will be held at The Fitzgerald Museum in Montgomery, Alabama, in celebration of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s (pictured) birthday September 24 and the museum’s new membership program.

Birmingham Public Library is holding its Eat Drink Read Write Festival October 1-7 with a focus on adventurous foods.

University of Tennessee at Knoxville continues its fall series of Writers in the Library on October 3 with novelist Tawnysha Greene and poet Kristi Maxwell.

Save the dates for upcoming book festivals, including Decatur Book Festival September 2-4, Southern Festival of Books in Nashville October 14-16 and Louisiana Book Festival October 29 in Baton Rouge.

The Louisiana Book Festival has also announced its WordShops on October 28 with writers Margaret Eby, Catherine Gourley, Daniel Jose Older, Peter Cooley and Bill Loefelm.


Latest in Southern Voice 

We have two pieces of original fiction for September: Spark Plugs by Scott Blackburn and The Tattler by Steve Lambert.


To find out more about your favorite Southern authors’ haunts and hangouts, download the Deep South Literary Trail App, available direct from iTunes and for Android and perfect for those winter road trips.

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Capote illustration by Paige Raley.  

Truman Capote: Story
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