At Play

by Stacey Michelle

Genius is the recovery of childhood at will. – Arthur Rimbaud

What should the poet do this morning?
Slather myself in coconut oil and the sunscreen
From the blue can with the palm trees
Drink some coffee with chicory and cinnamon
Do some samba dancing in the name of fitness
As an adult I want to be someone who would
Make my childhood self squeal with delight
There should be singing and dancing
Colorful hyperfeminine clothes, tulle, too high heels,
Lip gloss and enormous pieces of costume jewelry
Rock lyrics and lines of poetry that make me
Gaze up at the clouds or light in the ceiling fan above my bed
In awe and wonder at what’s outside beyond the
Backyard and the shining twinkling stars
I want to be more like my childhood self
Though she thought her Barbie had feelings
But didn’t let that keep her from giving
Country Western Barbie a Tina Turner makeover
Given the chance, should it become one,
Of whether to see myself as seen from the outside
Or who I want to be on the inside, I choose the ladder
Does that make me a woman
Playing with her crayons and day planner
Giving it her all in dance routines for the walls
Or to put it more hopefully, a full grown wide-eyed dreamer


Stacey Michelle writes in the Deep South. Her work has appeared most recently on and Deep South. When not reading or writing, she can be found either cooking, dancing or playing around on her guitar. She has lived on the Pacific and Gulf coasts and dreams of returning to live at the beach. Follow her on Twitter @SMichelle987 or Instagram @staceymichelle987.

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