The Cast

by Stephen Feibelman

It starts early because
you need to beat the sun,
and you must also beat the fish.

First, you see them.
tips of copper tails cutting through
the glass that is the water at dawn.

Then, you should be ready
to make the first cast,
the one that sets time into motion.

Smooth rhythm carries heavy line
back into tight loops that you, and gravity
work to unfurl.

Finally, that fly breaks through the glass
and sinks, slow, down
toward feeding eyes.
Luck, then, a bite,
And the day begins as the sun
Creeps, easy, above the low mangroves
and a soft wind moves out
over the water.


Stephen Feibelman was born and raised in Florida and is currently based in the central part of the state. Much of his work focuses on people’s interactions with the natural world. He is the founder (and current sole contributor) to Florida Stories, a site that uses both written and visual storytelling to empower individuals toward a more conscious stewardship of Florida’s wild places. Find him on Twitter @StephenYoung419 or @florida_stories.

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  • Joe Farnham / April 15, 2017

    Great writing. I want more!

  • Richard Feibelman / April 15, 2017

    You take me there with your words. Beautiful poem.

  • Marco / April 16, 2017

    Nicely written, Stephen!