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Dogs, Wanderers

by Stephen Feibelman

Dogs often wander up ahead,
following some ancestral intuition.
They seem, sometimes,
like drifters,
trapped on some long stretch of concrete highway
where those dingy, sun aged signs
that point to nowhere,
line the dusty shoulder.
Stuck, maybe, but, sometimes
they taste freedom
in some glorious and wild scent
and run, in boldness
toward the hope found
deep in that wilderness,
far away from black asphalt,
the nearest exit,
the signs.
They run with
wild hearts set fast to beating,
if only now,
then, at least for a moment.


Stephen Feibelman was born and raised in Florida and is currently based in the central part of the state. Much of his work focuses on people’s interactions with the natural world. He is the founder (and current sole contributor) to Florida Stories, a site that uses both written and visual storytelling to empower individuals toward a more conscious stewardship of Florida’s wild places. Find him on Twitter @StephenYoung419 or @florida_stories.

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