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He Falls Asleep Before I Do

by Stacey Michelle

He falls asleep before I do.
I read poetry to the cats
But they are unimpressed
By either Joy Harjo’s interpretation
Of Native American folklore (which I love)
Or more likely, by my elocution.
Tonight its Norah Jones, Hawaiian Tropic, and Sno Cones,
Weaving through my sun-drenched dream
Belly dancing at beachside bonfires (illegal now)
Watching my best girlfriend breathe from someone else’s fire
Then today it’s ride around on your bicycle day
Dreaming about riding with my own children
On the boardwalk under palm trees
Smiling big because there are ocean waves
Just beyond the small talk
Never you mind the shrieking, it’s just boys at play
At some of the comeliest beaches since La Jolla way
Stock up on sunscreen and sunglasses
Grow your hair long
Pick up a guitar and learn to play
As you sing along.


Stacey Michelle writes in the Deep South. Her work has appeared most recently in and Deep South. When not reading or writing, she can be found either cooking, dancing or playing around on her guitar. She has lived on the Pacific and Gulf coasts and dreams of returning to live at the beach. Follow her on Twitter @SMichelle987 or Instagram @stacymichelle987.

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