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Song of Spring

by Judy Davies

I was too proud; I would not sell a song
that bubbled from my heart one day in Spring.
I kept it, lest the summer days be long
and I be lost without my song to sing.
I could have paid it to the ice-cream man
for brightly-colored, icy-chill delight,
or to the gypsy for his caravan,
or to the sandman for a slice of night;
but ice-cream cones are pleasures brief indeed,
and caravans are awkward for a girl.
I think that I have all the night I need
so I will let my happy song unfurl
to the four winds, the sunshine, and to me.
I would not sell it, but I’ll give it free.


Poet/writer Judy Davies resides in Gautier, Mississippi. She is a past president of the Mississippi Poetry Society Inc. and active in its South Branch. The four-time winner as Mississippi’s Senior Poet Laureate and its 2013 National Senior Poet Honor Scroll Winner, her poetry and prose has been published nationally and internationally. Kenvad Music & Books published her first book, Poetic Images, in 2011. She and composer husband, Ken, recently collaborated on and released “Poetic Soundscapes,” their narrated poetry CD with custom-crafted music. Davies holds multiple degrees and is a retired professional musician. She has four children, seven grandchildren and one cat. The cat still lives at home. 

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