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Sponsored: 5 Incredibly Hot Cities in the South Where You Can Find a Date

If you’re planning a trip to the South and you’d like go somewhere awesome to hang out, you might want to check out these cities.

Are you going on a road trip through the South and want to know some of the hottest cities in the South to visit? We’ve got you covered. Here are five of our favorite places in the South that you’ll definitely want to check out, even if you aren’t interested in meeting someone. The cities are full of incredible restaurants, bars and activities that will only make your trip that much more memorable.

1. New Orleans, Louisiana 
With nightlife that doesn’t ever stop, The Big Easy is the place to meet people from all over the world and enjoy some great cocktails. If it’s an all-night party you’re looking for, then Bourbon Street is your stop, but for a social experience that’s more low key, try the Marigny or one of the city’s many hotel bars. Same-sex couples will find plenty of friendly places to hang out, and for those looking to get away from the party scene, City Park, Jackson Square or a cemetery tour are all great options.

2. Austin, Texas
Austin very well may be the capital of Texas, but it’s also known for its lively music scene and it’s where the University of Texas is located! It doesn’t matter if you’re just visiting or if you live here, finding a date in Austin isn’t as hard as one might think, especially if you know where to go. For example, you could check out the Townsend for cocktails and a great happy hour. You could also check out Cheer Up Charlie’s where you can sit outside and maybe catch a live show.


3. Memphis, Tennessee
Memphis is known for its music and food, but the city is also a great place to meet locals and possibly meet someone pretty amazing. There is no short supply of bars with good food, but maybe you are tired of cocktails at the Blue Monkey and you want to try something different. If so, we recommend checking out a coffee shop like Java Cabana that has live music from time to time. You can also visit the Cooper Young Area if you’re interested in some same-sex company.

4. Miami, Florida
We don’t need to tell you that if you’re looking for a city that is party 25-7, then you should probably look to Miami, especially South Beach. There are countless clubs and parties, and you would be very hard-pressed not to find something going on. However, where do you go if you want to meet people that isn’t at a bar or a nightclub? Then you might want to check out Fred Astaire Studio for free dance lessons or take a cooking class lead by Wok Star Eleanor Hoh. Also, the city is full of meet up and networking events that you can always check out, too.

5. Atlanta, Georgia
When you think of Atlanta, you probably associate it with peaches, Southern belles and everything that is proper. What you may not realize is that there are some pretty cool places to visit and meet people. For example, you can always go to Phipps Plaza to meet the ladies, but also get in some pretty awesome shopping. If you don’t want to spend a ton of money, you’ve got to check out High Museum of Art, or even Atlantic Station where there are plenty of restaurants, movies and shopping options. Oh, and we can’t forget bars like the XO Bar or JCT Kitchen & Bar.

The next time you are planning a vacation and you want to go somewhere you’ll be able to meet some locals and possibly go out on a date, you’ve got to check out these cities. However, if you aren’t able to find a date, you can always give online dating a shot. Dating sites like Loveaholics can be the perfect opportunity to network and meet new friends!

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