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Waiting on biscuits and gravy along Hwy 25E

by Larry D. Thacker
The well pump between the fireplace and me
is bolted down on a banister and waterless.
The cast iron pots hanging near the fire
are hot but empty as always. The framed
photos of pioneer men, women, and children
stare, naturally anxious about the next meal.
The pictures make me sad. I’m compelled
to scribble out the lost histories of these
long gone folk on dinner napkins and leave
them to be found. But doesn’t every found
relic here deserve its history restored? Every
random trombone, scale, ax and hammer,
guitar, oil lamp, framed fruit box label,
winter sled, two-man saw and coffee can.
After a while it all lures you in and you’re
almost convinced that maybe the only
real things remaining are the constant snap
of the hearth and your own growling belly.
Larry D. Thacker’s poetry can be found in over a hundred publications, including The Still Journal, American Journal of Poetry, Poetry South, Spillway, Tower Poetry Society, Mad River Review, The Southern Poetry Anthology, Mojave River Review, Town Creek Poetry and Appalachian Heritage. His books include Mountain Mysteries: The Mystic Traditions of Appalachia and the poetry books Voice Hunting, Memory Train and Drifting in Awe. He completed his MFA in poetry and fiction in January of 2018.