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The Best Apps to Use When Traveling the Deep South

The Deep South is one of the best regions in America for a good old-fashioned road trip, with miles and miles of open roads that can be covered in a matter of weeks. Indeed, there’s plenty to see and do on the road, with the food, culture and music of Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Georgia all to be explored. From the Mississippi River Road to the streets of New Orleans, the Deep South has mountains, lakes and bustling towns.

Seeing all of it (or at least the parts that you want) is going to take quite a bit of planning, complete with phone in hand. Here are the best apps to use when traveling in the Deep South.

From A to B

It’s usually helpful to use a GPS navigation app when on a road trip. The Google Maps app is the go-to option here. It is simple to use and has features such as real-time traffic updates and alternative routes. You can also use it offline, which is handy for saving data, but be careful of phone battery life as you use it.

To help you to plan your route during your Deep South road trip, you can use the Waze app, a community-driven app in which people recommend what routes to take, and equally important, which ones you shouldn’t. Users update the app with information about traffic jams and collisions so that you can keep on road tripping.

As any road tripper or indeed any driver will know, you’re going to need gas when you’re on the road—and gas doesn’t come cheap! If driving only a short distance or filling up a little bit, heading to a local pump is usually an economical choice, but when out on the wide-open roads for weeks at a time, it pays to buy gas at the cheapest place, which could save you up to $1 per gallon. The GasBuddy app will let you see prices and locate your cheapest options.

In the Deep South, the weather is hot and humid. So, you should always carry water to be safe, but also be aware of the weather to make sure you don’t run into a storm without preparation. The Yahoo Weather app is a good choice.


That’s Entertainment 

Road trips are awesome, but there can be long and tiring stretches on the road for both the driver and passengers. Apps for entertainment are sometimes needed to fill in the gaps.

The PokerStars app is a solid option for a bit of gaming and has plenty of Texas Hold ‘em cash games and tournaments, although you will only be able to use play money when road tripping in the Deep South. You’ll also find plenty of casinos here, so live play is also available.

If you would rather sit around and have a read, the Amazon Kindle app has more than 180,000 e-books from which to choose from. Not all of them are bestsellers, but there’s a lot of gems and classic books on offer, too. Then there’s the Netflix app for watching a little bit of mindless American television. We all do it.

Of course, road trips are best enjoyed with a soundtrack of your creation, and there’s no better app for that than the Spotify app, which has a massive 30 million songs that you can play and add to your playlists. Those long stretches are not going to seem so long with a bit of music, and Spotify gives you the opportunity to warm up and get ready for a bit of New Orleans’ jazz.

Taking a Break 

When you need a break, which you should do often for both rest and enjoyment, then it can be useful to have apps that let you know where and when you can stop and what facilities are available. The iExit app is an interstate exit guide to facilities such as ATMs, rest points, restaurants and hotels.

Meanwhile, the Roadside America app shows you the location of roadside attractions and oddities and even has a sunset alert feature so that you can pull over and capture the moment. When it goes dark, you can whip out the GoSkyWatch app to do a bit of stargazing—it shows you the location and names of stars, planets and constellations.

Though you might prefer to camp out, at the end of those particularly grueling days on the road, you might want to make life easy by booking a night at a hotel. You can use the Booking.com or Hotels.com apps to make your reservation and find the best hotels based on reviews and prices. The HotelTonight app specializes in last-minute deals, so if you ever find yourself in need, you can check it out to see what’s still left.

A road trip in the Deep South is one of the most rewarding vacations you can have. This relatively wild and unexplored part of America has many secrets, and with a well-planned road trip, you can uncover some for yourself. The apps we mentioned here will help to make your trip run smoothly.

Carter County, Tennessee, photo by Idawriter from Wikimedia Commons.

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