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Top 10 LEGO Building Books

Started in the late 19th century, the LEGO brand today caters to the creative interests of children and adults alike and is a good accompaniment for keeping one’s mind active.

LEGO blocks have seen their uses in spaces as diverse as elementary schools and architectural colleges, and some people have even created world records using these blocks. Theme parks and discovery centers called LEGOLAND are located in Southern cities in Florida, Georgia and Texas. Considering all of the LEGO books available in the market, here is our Top 10 list which contains books for all ages.

The Unofficial Guide

The Unofficial Guide to Learning with LEGO has more than a hundred ideas to inspire you to boost your creativity. This book has been designed by a team of six mothers who also happen to be teachers. It contains some interesting ways to teach science, maths and other subjects, and would be an excellent addition to a school’s library.

Klutz LEGO Chain Reactions
Prepared by the scientists of the Klutz Labs, this book has over 10 projects that would help your child to invent different machines using the LEGO bricks. It is an excellent gift for a young engineer.

365 Things to Do with LEGO Bricks

A work of Simon Hugo and Alice Finch, this book is a collection of 365 activities, games, challenges and pranks, which are infused with creative ideas. It comes along with an activity selector and a timer that would definitely keep you hooked for a long time.

Birds From Bricks
Birds From Bricks is an excellent book that comes with several designs of using LEGO bricks to create models of birds around the world. This educational exercise offered by Thomas Poulsom would acquaint your child with different avian species like robins and cardinals and would also teach them about making a perch for the birds.

The LEGO Animation Book
If you are captivated by the world of AV, this would be the perfect addition to your library. This book by David Pagano and David Pickett would help you in creating models that can be used as sets for producing motion pictures. It covers tips about cinematography, lighting and post-production techniques.

The LEGO Adventure Book
The LEGO Adventure Book by Megan H. Rothrock is a collection of more than 200 models of cars, castles, dinosaurs, etc. Starting from Step 1, the guide provides basic information and also contains many inspirational photos and contributions from established builders.

The LEGO Neighborhood Book
The LEGO Neighborhood Book by Brian and Jason Lyles is another book that would help in understanding the process of creating a city, building, sizing and stacking. It is a book suited for adults and contains advanced tips on roof modeling, exterior and interior design, lighting, columns, etc.

The LEGO Ideas Book
This New York Times bestseller is a goldmine of creative content with more than 500 ideas for making LEGO models. The book is divided into six sections on topics such as space and buildings and is quite ease to understand.

Build It! Volume 1
An ideal book for children and beginners, this one by Jennifer Kemmeter is foundational and easy to comprehend to build LEGO models. It has interactive diagrams and step-by-step instructions for best use.

Awesome LEGO Creations
Published by Dees Sarah, a mother of five children, Awesome Creations can be used as a guide for creating models with the brick that you already have. It also has a humorous outtakes section and some no-instruction challenges.

LEGO image from Wikimedia Commons.

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