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7 Ways People Can Benefit by Living in America’s South

Living in a place where one feels loved and appreciated is one of the best feelings ever. Moreover, being around people who are morally upright ensures that children grow up conscientiously. Nothing would be better than moving to America’s South, which is one of the best places to make a home and fulfills all the parents as well as individuals dreams as mentioned above. It offers plenty of resources such as clean water, minerals and an excellent weather condition, which are just a few examples of what one may find thrilling. Expounded herein are some of the things that may make an individual opt to move to live in America’s South.

Low Cost of Living

In places like Texas, which plays a prominent role in the manufacture of oil and gas, life is very affordable. Inexpensive property and availability of food is an added advantage. North Carolina is a tourist attraction that brings customers from all over the world. Economic opportunities are endless in America’s South.


Nothing is better than spending one’s leisure time doing something constructive. People from America’s South have various teams playing football and basketball. Numerous teams benefit from the warmer, late winter climate, which gives them the opportunity of starting their practice early. By taking advantage of the weather, many professional baseball teams have been practicing in areas such as Florida during spring. Due to the friendly weather, America’s South is the home of several minor baseball teams, which are in high number as compared to other regions in the United States. Golf is also popular and can be played any time of the year. Other sports available include fishing, soccer and hunting wild game. Engaging in these games avails an excellent time to bond with friends and family.

Delicious Food

Southerners have a characteristic style of cooking that results in very delicious foods. They always follow their sayings “food is love” and “if it ain’t fried, it ain’t cooked.” Their traditional food, commonly known as soul food, is still a favorite to many. Although Southerners are incorporating other varieties of food from other cultures into their lifestyles, their meals have remained to be among the best in the world. By opting to live in this region, one is assured of always savoring the best drinks as well. Sweet tea or brewed iced tea sweetened with granulated sugar is a tradition here. Since eating fruits is a significant requirement in one’s digestive system, several varieties are also found in America’s South; therefore people here can have the option to consume it in juice format to get the most nutrition out of them.


Being much diversified in culture, there is a lot of good music around the South. Being a birthplace of the blues, which was first sung in America’s South in the 20th century by African Americans, everyone in this region has access to numerous relaxing songs. Moreover, a stay at the beach is always exciting when one listens to beach music, especially in South Carolina. Other genres of music that are likely to meet most people’s preferences in America’s South include gospel, soul, jazz, Appalachian folk, old time, funk, country, spirituals, and rock and roll. Since filming and television broadcasting are not restricted, residents are assured of never having dull moments. As such, there is a variety of exciting content to watch.


People in America’s South are firmly attached to their churches, and that is why part of the South is called the “Bible Belt.”  Buddhism and Hinduism are well represented, too. One is assured to find a community no matter what religion they practice.


English is the primary language used to converse all through the Southern states from West Virginia to Texas. This is ideal for anyone who wants to move to this place, because the language barrier is eliminated. Moreover, learning English is not a big challenge since there are many tutors and online content that a person can learn from.

Friendly Society

Nothing feels better than being welcomed to a new place. Southerners are particularly known for their hospitality toward visitors. Their friendliness is believed to be a reflection of their strong religious beliefs. The friendliness of America’s Southerners is portrayed by the diverse races present across the region. As such, everyone is gladly welcomed and incorporated into America’s Southern community.

Photo credits: Fried chicken from Deep South Dish; Blue Ridge Parkway by Matthew Paulson from Flickr Creative Commons. 

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