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Call for Fall Fiction & Nonfiction

Now that our summer stories have wrapped up, we are ready to accept some fall fiction and nonfiction. We are sticking with a theme and you can probably guess what it is for fall: Haunted South. Now, these can be stories about ghosts, legends, haunted places, etc. As long as your story is a bit spooky, has a fall theme or setting and a connection to the South, we will consider.

The DEADLINE for fall stories is Sept. 21, and we’ll be considering and accepting throughout the process so that we can get them scheduled to publish from the end of September through the beginning of November.

You can view our full submission guidelines here, but our general requirements are below:

All submissions must have a Southern connection, whether the author lives in the South, used to live in the South, has family in the South or was inspired by a visit to the region. Please specify in your e-mail or bio.

Submissions must be e-mailed to [email protected]. Submissions must also be typed in a legible font and attached to the e-mail in Microsoft Word or a similar format; submissions pasted into the body of an email will not be considered. We do not accept submissions by snail mail.

Submissions must include the name of the author and a short bio about their background and work (please state your connection to the South here). If you have a Twitter handle or author Facebook page, please include those links.

Fiction, short stories and nonfiction are limited to one work at a time and may not be longer than 3,500 words. Please no excerpts from longer works for this one.

Deep South reserves the right to reject any submission and does not accept pornography or works that do not meet the standards of the editorial quality of our magazine.

If you’re curious about the type of stories we usually accept, please read through our Southern Voice section. You can find all of our Summer Stories here and the winning pieces from our “Race in Place” theme here.

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