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Dream Daughter Readalong: Part One (Plus a Giveaway!)

We are excited to discuss part one of Diane Chamberlain’s The Dream Daughter. Consider the questions below and then join in the discussion on Twitter using the hashtags #DreamDaughterReadalong and #southernlit. Moderator Sheila Athens will be covering chapters 1-34 through Oct. 14. Learn more about Chamberlain and her book in our interview, and get the questions for part two here.


Would you have made the same decision Carly made about visiting the future in order to seek medical care for her child?

How would you describe the special bond Carly and Hunter have in 1970 and in 2001?

What do you think of the decision Carly and Hunter made not to tell Patti about Carly’s time travel before she left? If you were Patti, would you have believed Hunter when he finally told her where Carly had gone?

Carly experiences a lot of new things when she visits 2001. What memories from your own experiences did her discoveries stir up? Did it cause you to remember the first time you used a microwave? Where you were when you heard John Lennon had been shot? Other memories?

Hunter decided to stay in the simpler times of the 1970s rather than return to 2001. If given a choice, which era would you prefer to live in? Why?

Carly lives in the less populated Outer Banks and is initially overwhelmed by the bustle and chaos of New York City. Were you surprised by the unexpected friendship of Raoul, Angela and Ira? Why or why not?

The ending to Part One was quite a surprise. What possible scenarios had you conjured up in your mind as Carly prepared to return to 2001?


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