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Dream Daughter Readalong: Part Two

We are excited to discuss part two of Diane Chamberlain’s The Dream Daughter. Consider the questions below and then join in the discussion on Twitter using the hashtags #DreamDaughterReadalong and #southernlit. Moderator Sheila Athens will be covering chapters 35-63 through Oct. 21. We will also have an end-of-book discussion and Twitter party on Sunday at 4 p.m. EST (3 p.m. CST). We have extended our book giveaway until then, so there’s still time to enter to win! Learn more about Chamberlain and her book in our interview, and read the notes for part one here.


What did you think of the fact that Carly approached the Van Dykes? Was it an ethical thing to do?

Given the circumstances, would you have been as quick to embrace Carly into the family as Michelle Van Dyke was?

Like Brandon, would you have been leery of Carly’s sudden appearance in his family’s life?

If you’re an older person, what did you think of the author’s depiction of the changing views about the Vietnam war? Did it match the “reality” you have lived through?

Would you have made the same decision Carly made in the end about returning to 1970?

How would you have reacted to that final visitor on the porch in Nag’s Head when Carly was an older woman? Do you think at that point that Carly would have regretted any of her decisions?

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