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Walking Around Mississippi

When you talk about the Deep South, you can come up with quite a few reasons to travel there. The mystery behind that fact is because it’s indeed one place in the country where culture and sophistication are in sync and known to be amazing. Named after the river that runs through the state, Mississippi is also the place where root beer and blues music were invented. But that isn’t what compels you to take the tour.

Culture and History
A tour through Mississippi starts with the state’s treasured military park dedicated to providing a comfortable environment. Have a curious eye for the shores of the state, go for Ship Island, which is actually two barrier islands near the Gulf Coast, named East Ship Island and West Ship Island. The dock seemingly stretches toward the center of the massive water body, connecting the island to the mainland. Just when you think the Gulf can’t get any more exciting, try the food at Hard Rock Café in Biloxi. The place is known for its role in the evolution of jazz music.

While coastal attractions are a specialty of the state, Mississippi presents its natural green reserves in the form of the Natchez Trace, a national parkway commemorating the history of the geographical landscape. The history that is preserved in the trace ages back to almost 1540 when Hernando DeSoto, the Spanish explorer, traveled through Southern America. Take the drive to or from Nashville and don’t miss out on the chance to try the food at the Loveless Café. The café’s homemade jams and scratch-made biscuits are famous for their great reviews.

Another famous attraction that a lot of tourists from around the country and the world are very interested in seeing is the birthplace of Elvis Presley, the music icon, in Tupelo. Having set in motion the adrenaline to see more, we encountered the Gulf islands Waterpark that presented a source of entertainment and fun with amazing waterslides and interactive water games that the locals loved. But when we speak of fun, it would be unfair to not mention Beau Rivage Resort and Casino, the most visited site in the state. Offering luxury suites overlooking the Gulf with all the privileges that you can expect in the best accommodations. Another casino spa that is definitely worth trying is the IP Casino Resort Spa, known for their magical hands and serenity. A lot of casinos in the Deep South are famous. If you’re feeling like getting away, you should take a walk along Beach Boulevard.

For enthusiasts and explorers, there are countless historical sites and museums that offer a lot of insight into the historical architecture and literally old schools like Lynn Meadows Discovery Center. John C. Stennis Space Center, NASA’s rocket testing facility located at Pearl River, is another famous attraction in Mississippi. You can find an elegant place for staying the night at Pearl River Resort.

Mississippi has been a great place to visit for many tourists this year alone, and 2019 promises even more attractions.

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