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3 Southern-Inspired Apartment Décor Trends Moving North in 2019

If you’re from the South, then you know there’s no better place to live. From the barbecue and sweet tea, to the country music and cowboy boots, the South doesn’t get any better than that. But wait, it actually does. One of the biggest things that has been quite popular in the South is the home décor.

It’s not something you probably noticed if you live in the South, simply because it’s a way of life for Southerners, not a trend. Now, this way of life in the South is becoming quite popular in the North. But what exactly is it about Southern décor that has Northerners going coo-coo for cocoa puffs? Maybe it’s what the South represents, which is Southern hospitality, and Northerners want to incorporate that aspect into their apartments.

Most apartments already have restrictions on decorating as it is, which can make it a little difficult to add personalization to your living space, but definitely not impossible. When searching for an apartment as unique as you, just keep in mind that there are tips and tricks you can do to make your apartment unique to you, especially with some of the South’s interior design décor. Bedroom offices and abundant use of flowers for decor for example are especially popular. One reason why the South’s home décor grew in popularity is due to popular television shows like “Fixer Upper” and “The Pioneer Woman.”

TV sensations Ree Drummond and Joanna Gaines have made Southern living very popular with their TV shows. Joanna Gaines has her own furniture collection, while Ree Drummond has her own line of cookware. Both women’s collections embody Southern living and décor. We’re starting to see lots of design and décor elements in the homes and apartments of Northerners these days, and you can definitely expect to see them grow in popularity in 2019. Take a look at these Southern home décor trends that you can expect to see trending up North this year.

Farmhouse Home Décor
Farmhouse décor is the embodiment of warm and cozy, along with a little bit of functionality and practicality. You’re not going to see anything too extravagant or full of “bling.” This Southern style showcases elements of the outdoors, like wood and flowers, all while highlighting aspects of the simple life. Some of the décors can make you feel like you’ve stepped into Mayberry.

From a functionality point of view, to bring farmhouse style into your apartment, you might have mason jars to drink out of, but you might also use a mason jar as a vase for flowers or even as a soap dispenser. Keep in mind that nothing is ever matching, and your furniture should never look like it all came from a particular furniture outlet.

Wicker chairs, tin buckets and quilts will definitely add tons of personality to a Northerner’s apartment. This type of décor can also be the topic of conversation whenever visitors come by. Your guests will definitely wonder what inspired this type of décor for your apartment.

Flower Décor
New York is known as the “concrete jungle,” so to go into a New Yorker’s apartment and see anything with flowers on it would be a huge shock to a fellow New Yorker. There’s nothing wrong with having a flower-themed apartment in New York, it just might seem a little odd. But oddly enough, it’s getting quite popular up North. Flower décor can come in the form of decorative pillows, rugs and even shower curtains … nothing floral is off limits! One place to find some incredible floral decor options is at RoomsToGo.com.

As mentioned earlier, Ree Drummond from “The Pioneer Woman” has her own line of cookware. If you’ve ever seen her cookware, you’ll know that a lot of it is covered in flowers. From pots and pans to cups, towels and potholders, it looks like you’d be cooking on a bed of flowers. Even Northerners who don’t like flowers will still buy her line of cookware, simply because they like her television show, and they know that the cookware is made of high-quality materials.

Southern Art
Since Northerners don’t actually live in the South, sometimes the only way a Northerner can experience a little bit of Southern hospitality is to bring the South to the North. One way Northerners do that is through art. Whether the artwork is by a Southern artist or depicts images of the South, either way you can be sure to find a piece of the South in a Northerner’s apartment through art. Find wall art for large walls.

There is no cookie-cutter image of what people call art. Someone might have a painting of the Tennessee River in their living room or a picture of a family trip to the Great Smoky Mountains. When it comes to sports, a person might be from New Jersey but is a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan. You might see framed posters of their favorite team hanging on the wall, or even see a few jerseys displayed as well.

Photo Credits: Featured photo of The Pioneer Woman bedding from walmart.com, Chip and Joanna Gaines from “Fixer Upper” courtesy of HGTV and Ree Drummond on “The Pioneer Woman” courtesy of Food Network.

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