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Camping in the South

Five essentials every camper needs.

If being in the middle of nowhere or in the midst of nature is your type of getaway, maybe camping is your style. According to statistics, around 41.77 million Americans went camping in 2017. Around 26 percent of campers were aged between 6 and 17, and 11.2 percent were young adults. Camping has been becoming a millennial hobby and has even evolved into glamping.

Whether you prefer classic camping or modern day glamping, there is no better way to enjoy this nature tripping activity than in the South. This region is one of the best places to camp due to scenic views, relaxing atmospheres and splendid nature. Pinpointing your campsite is exciting, but before anything else, you need to pack some stuff.

To start off, one needs the essentials. Whether you are going to see migratory birds in Georgia, bask in the glory of the Appalachian Mountains or feel the breeze of the Florida coastline, some essentials are not going to change. Here are five essential camping items every camper need in the South:

Insect Repellent

Being in nature means going head to head with its residents. If you are going camping in the spring or summer, prepare for pesky mosquitoes and other bugs. Mosquitos are more venomous than snakebites and bear attacks due to the diseases they can carry, not to mention the itch and marks they leave on your skin. Mosquitos will more than likely swarm your campsite unless you have your insect repellent handy. There are many insect repellent options in the market, ranging from bug zappers to patches. However, if you are going to ask me, I’d prefer the one with high DEET. It is a chemical ingredient that acts like SPF and tells how long your protection will last.

Waterproof Tent

You don’t want to be stuck in a wet tent. Your phone may say that there is only a 10 percent chance of precipitation, but Mother Nature says otherwise, especially if you are camping high in the mountains or in the Florida swamp.

To protect you from rain or fog, it is better to equip yourself with a waterproof tent. Fog settles down at night, which causes morning dew, and it can soak you. Waterproof tents not only protect you from getting wet, but also prevent you from getting too cold. At the same time, you can keep a portable toilet with you. No one wants to experience hypothermia in the middle of nowhere.

Fishing Gear

One particular activity that is associated with camping is fishing. Camping near a lake, river or any body of water provides a tempting opportunity to capture some fish. It is the perfect activity for spending time alone with nature and observing your beautiful surroundings. Make sure you have the proper fishing gear for the right kind of environment or a fishing rod that is capable of catching various kinds of fish.

Fire Starting Supply

The perfect moment while camping occurs when everyone is circled around the campfire. But how does one even start a campfire without a fire-starting supply? This is essential camping gear needed not just for the intimate moment of campfire bonding, but also for cooking, heat and light. In addition, it could be used for an emergency situation where you need to get the attention of other campers or rescuers.


Humans can last without food for a maximum of three weeks, but can only last for three days without water. Water should be an essential item in your backpack because our bodies are composed of at least 60 percent water. Bringing gallons of water is a priority in camping. There may be water resources around your camp but drinking them on a whim can be deadly, especially if the water becomes stagnant. To keep microscopic parasites at bay, one can use filters, chemical tablets or boil the water. There are many portable water filters available in today’s market. Chemical tablets are an option if you don’t want additional bulk in your bag.

Photo credits: Featured photo of camping on the Appalachian Trail by GN Bassett, camper glamping by Steve Walser and roasting marshmallows by Kevin Smith, all from Flickr Creative Commons.

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