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5 Essentials You’ll Need for A Cruise Vacation

Have you been thinking about booking a spot on a cruise ship? If you’ve already booked your tickets, you’ll soon realize that packing is going to be a daunting task.

It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling down the Mississippi River or abroad, you’ll need a few essentials while on the water. The following are the five most important things you’ll need to ensure your time on a cruise is well spent.

Clothes for Days at Sea

The most obvious item you have to pack is the clothes you will wear on board the boat. The type of cruise you go on should determine the clothes you wear. A dinner cruise in Dubai Marina will require a completely different look than a weekend in Mexico on a ship leaving out of New Orleans.

People assume that you absolutely need a pair of flip flops and a swimsuit when they hear the word “cruise.” Sure, a trip to Florida or to the Caribbean will require this tropically themed attire. However, if you’re just going on a dinner cruise, you just need a fancy gown or a suit. A trip to Alaska will most likely be windy and cold. Before you start packing, just think of the body of water you’ll be on and your destination.

Passport and/or Birth Certificate

Before departing, you should make sure that you have all the identification you need for your itinerary. If your boat starts and finishes in the same port of call, it is known as a “closed loop” cruise. On a closed loop, you only need your birth certificate and driver’s license. If your itinerary takes you beyond U.S. borders at all, you’ll need a valid passport.

Power Strip and Adapters

Some people go on cruises as a way to get away from everything, including the digital world. Others still like the luxury of using their phone or laptop, and that’s completely fine.

For those who want to stay connected to the outside world, the majority of cruise ships now come equipped with wifi or some other kind of internet connectivity. To get the most out of your devices, be sure to bring all of the adapters and power strips you need.

Your “Cruise Carry-On”

Pack a carry-on like you would if you were going on a flight. Sometimes your checked luggage doesn’t arrive at your port of call at the same time as you. Other times, it does. However, when you check in, it can take hours for your suitcase to arrive at your cabin.

You’ll want to explore the ship and utilize as much time as possible enjoying your time on board. Being restricted to your room can really put a damper on those plans. Having a carry-on will allow you to go about your business as soon as you get on the boat. Some items to include in your bag include basic toiletries, sunscreen, clothes for dinner, a cell phone charger and a swimsuit and coverup (if appropriate).

Small Items

Small essentials are often forgotten about. Often times, you can do without these things, but having them with you will help make the most out of your vacation. Some examples of small items include earplugs, batteries, an eye mask, a portable alarm clock, sunscreen, wrinkle release spray, binoculars, over-the-counter medicine and small bills for gratuities. Here are additional best cruise accessories you can add bring that are found to be useful. You may be able to buy these on board or at a port, but the price is likely to be more expensive.

Set Sail with These Essentials

Before booking your cruise, be sure to do research on your cruise line, the cruise itself and your destination (if you have one). Look into the dress code on the ship, laundry services and whether the cruise is kid friendly.

Most importantly, remember that going on a cruise of any kind is supposed to be relaxing. Don’t let the process of getting ready become too stressful.

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