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8 Southern Cities with the Lowest Cost of Living

Why do people move South? Increased sun exposure, beautiful nature, coastline—it can be anything. If you have decided to move things South, you don’t have to explain yourself. It’s easy to understand your opinion. You can put it into action in a matter of hours. Hire a local mover to take care of packing, shifting and then unpacking while you pack the important stuff and make your way to your new home.

Being almost a graduate with a future degree and career ahead, there’s one aspect of your life that requires immediate attention. Are you staying in your college town or moving back in with your parents? Good question, right? It’s actually worth getting some student assignment help and giving it some thought. You want to make as responsibly a choice as possible.

Education debts drive college students crazy, and if you need to get a home loan or buy real estate for living, your debts will increase even more. The South is a great, affordable option for your future life.

Here are some facts that make the South a place to settle for good. These are the cheapest places to live if you plan on buying a house.

Pecos and Progreso, Texas

The average income vs. house expenses ratio looks quite inspiring here. The ratio was calculated on the basis of five years’ worth of family income as opposed to mortgage and taxes on a house. It seems like an average person would allow a dwelling here. Texas was among the first to present a 3-D house. We are looking at the future of housing revolution here.

Texas has plenty to offer. Growing employment rates, expanding cities and beautiful nature, including crossbow hunting. The state is famous for its big Southern hospitality, too. Living here is destined to make you feel warm on both the inside and out.

Charlotte, North Carolina

This city is a blend of fast-paced cosmopolitan and slow Southern charm. It’s your choice which one to enjoy. One thing there is to love is that only 26 percent of an income goes toward housing expenses for an average family.

Median income of citizens corresponds to the average rate across the whole country. Charlotte has emerged from the shadow of Atlanta and offers both quiet and crowded places. Join any party that fits your personal taste.

Lafayette, Louisiana

Cajun Country with an airport and major university looks welcoming for graduates within Louisiana and neighboring states. Its beautiful nature and vacation opportunities on the Gulf of Mexico make a solid settlement option out if this cultural city.

Another pro feature includes lower rent and favorable conditions to buy a house. No wonder Lafayette boasts a high happiness rate among residents compared to other U.S. states.

Nashville, Tennessee

This million-plus population city is progressing fast. Startups receive an incentive for entrepreneurship, and there are many job offers for medical workers. Despite being a large city and growing, rent in Nashville is still under $1,000, and buying your own home is affordable.

Music City has no chance for boredom. Nashville’s entertainment scene is flourishing, following the demand of young business people for exclusive places and events on weekends. It’s also a great place to invest, like getting a Tennessee real estate license online.

Fort Smith, Arkansas

The cost of living in Arkansas’s second-largest city is well below the national average. As Fort Smith grows, so does it artsy vibe and reputation as a great place to do business. “Where the New South Meets the Old West” is much more than just a slogan in Fort Smith.

Apart from being a great place to move, you can review investing opportunities. Fort Smith’s downtown area is especially ripe for shopping, entertainment and dining opportunities.

Huntsville, Alabama

Alabama’s Rocket City has historically been populated with progressive innovators since the 1950s launch of the Space Race. Since then, a quiet farming town has developed into a progressive city with the best engineers in the country.

House prices favor those who decide to call Huntsville their new home. A scientific sector is multinational here, so any newcomer will be exposed to various cultures, entertainment and outdoor sports.

To work out how much rental income you can generate from a home in Huntsville, this rental property calculator can give you an accurate breakdown.

Raleigh & Durham, North Carolina

North Carolina’s Triangle city favors IT experts, and tech moguls such as IBM, Cisco and SAS Institute draw thousands, including a plethora of young graduates coming from nearby colleges.

With affordable prices for housing and rooms for rent in Raleigh and Durham, most of the population here is young and almost half of it is single.

Fort Meyers, Florida

Have you been dreaming about parties in Miami? Your high school dream can become an affordable reality. Comparatively, cheap living in Fort Meyers allows traveling to Miami for vacation. It just takes a three-hour ride through lush greenery.

Fort Meyers stands on Caloosahatchee River with plenty of recreation zones along its bank. It used to be a perfect destination to retire, but currently, the population here has become younger due to newcomers under age 34.

Some Southern states fight off the reputation of being a popular retirement destination, but now the area favors young graduates with jobs in technology, commerce and the medical sector. At the same time, many places display low housing costs.

If you have a property and you want to earn from it, use this Calculator.

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  • Mary Tully / January 31, 2022

    Having lived in Nashville fir 20 years, and now in Ft Myers for 11, I can tell you they are both HIGHER than Boca Raton, FL. I lived in Boca 11 years ago and could not believe how high it was until I moved to Ft Myers. I do not know how these people get there info but it is grossly flawed.

  • Mississippi _256 / December 26, 2022

    This list thought we asked for the HIGHEST cost of living locations, huh?? I’ve been in Huntsville for 17 years and Nashville is less than 2 hours away so I can tell you first hand that this article is a crock.

  • Steve Marino / January 8, 2023

    No place in Florida is even remotely Southern unless it’s in the middle of the state, and I’m not even sure there. Pretty much the same in Louisiana, where the cultural and ethnic roots are often Cajun/Creole. And Nashville is pretty expensive, as are Raleigh and Durham. Texas isn’t Southern either, it’s always gonna be TEXAS. That sort of brashness is the exact opposite of Southern hospitality, but they do have good manners in a few places. But Fort Smith and Huntsville are Southern.

  • Gail / January 3, 2024

    I’m the 4th generation of Floridians. You can’t get any more south than Florida unless you want to live in the ocean. The state is south, but trust me, there aren’t many southerners in Florida anymore. People from the whole wide world is moving here, and most think we should support them.