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Top Underrated Books about Love and Feelings

Love is one of the most beautiful and vivid feelings on earth. Many people dream of meeting the love of their life, they want this bright feeling to arise like something magical, and they want to fall in love with someone from first sight. Unfortunately, centuries-old experience, reflected in legends, movies and literature, says that you have to fight for love. You have to create it with your own hands. Thus, today we present you with our list of top 10 underrated books about love and feelings, in which the main characters had to go through a lot of trials in order to find their happiness.

Viktor Shklovsky – Zoo, or Letters Not About Love

This book was written in 1922. It contains four prefaces and consists of letters to a woman who forbade the author to send her letters about love. The text of this very small work looks like a winter day somewhere in the North: sad, bright and cold. Almost all sentences begin with a paragraph indent, which makes the story very much like a diary.

The author speaks of love so artlessly, using simple words, as if he was dictating news from newspapers during breakfast, but at the same time, it is so metaphorically subtle in all the ways he puts his emotions in these letters. Sometimes, among the remarks about the weather, contemporary writers or old pants, he suddenly inserts a revelation so startling in its beauty and depth that it trembles your heart.

This book is recommended for all those whose love is like Berlin in winter—and it was there that Shklovsky wrote his letters to Elsa. And let no one ever forbid you to write about love. But if they do, do not listen, just write.

Angela Becerra – Of Useless Loves

Fiamma is a psychologist who listens to people with problems every day and thinks of them more than her own. Until one day she finds out that her husband is cheating on her. She does not dare to start a reciprocal affair for revenge, and, by a great irony of fate, the new patient of Fiamma is the new woman of her husband.

Here begins the “long way home” deep into her own mind. It turns out that under the layers of habitual indifference to her husband and life in general, in the glaciers of the soul and the mines of the heart, there are feelings and desires that her clients and crazy people in the movies always talked about, but she never believed existence.

This is a novel about loneliness and about love without a couple, about all the kisses that never came to be and all the passion that has been silenced. It’s also about the stage of separation in marriage, which usually no one notices because it is “filled with holidays, dinners, mutual friends, fake smiles; lots of people are around, they look alive, but in fact, they are not.”

This book is easy to read and could be consumed during travel or in the company of a person you love. If you don’t have someone like that in your life yet, then be sure to visit J4l.com and find your love today.

Jonathan Safran Foer – Everything Is Illuminated

So, a young American Jewish collector named Jonathan Safran Foer is sent to Ukraine in search of a woman who saved his grandfather from the Nazis in the Ukrainian town of Trakhimbrod during the Second World War. Armed with maps, cigarettes and old photos of Augustine and his grandfather, Jonathan begins his journey. The companion of the guy in this search is Alex—a student who, despite the fact that she doesn’t understand English at all, becomes Jonathan’s translator, and his weird “blind” grandfather is an anti-Semite with a dog. The adventure, which began in the worst way possible, gradually acquires deep meaning and causes serious changes in the lives of all people involved in it.

During the story, you are constantly thrown into the past of the town of Trakhimbrod with its crazy inhabitants. Each letter of the novel is filled with energy; it is very vivid and colorful, so much so that sometimes you freeze and reread paragraphs several times over.

Margaret Mitchell – Gone With the Wind

Scarlett O’ Hara, the main character of this Southern staple, became an inspiration for millions of people around the world who felt compassion and sympathy for the wayward, energetic Southern lady whose life in the harsh times of the Civil War had a great share of unexpected dramatic turns. She killed, stole someone’s love, lied and collaborated with the Yankees who opposed her slave-owning plantation lifestyle. But her will and ability to withstand the blows of fate help Scarlett save her family from decay.

Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler’s love story is one for the ages. Young girls still pine for Rhett after their first reading, but this couple’s love affair is tumultuous at best. Scarlett and Rhett are like oil and water much of the time and, in the end, Scarlett is left alone with her inner strength to live another day.

DBC Pierre – Vernon God Little

While this book has received a lot of recognition from both critics and the general audience, it still deserves a lot more. What is the essence of this book? A teen from a Texas town becomes a random witness to the mass murder of his classmates. The police immediately take him in, first as a possible accomplice and then as a murderer, incidentally hanging all the aspects of murder on his shoulders. And the kid decides to escape to Mexico …

The style of this story is colorful, with lots of deep metaphors and cursing, which only adds to the overall experience of the book. But while reading it, you do not feel horror, only admiration. The author’s words and this sense of childish honesty all make this book truly amazing. Read it if you like invigorating literature—in the same way that spilling hot coffee on your knees is invigorating.

Erich Maria Remarque – Arch of Triumph

In this favorite classic novel about love, the protagonist, a surgeon by the name of Ravic, embodies the qualities of men: the ability to fully concentrate on work, a sincere admiration for a woman, laconicism and inner loneliness.

He can drink, and he can wait. He can see the essence of things and celebrate life even in the most inhuman conditions. He is one of those men whom it is impossible to tame and take home because they are always on the way to their goal, even if the latter sometimes becomes an obsession.

Ravic loves simple things like male friendship and female beauty. And it was in his mouth that Remarque put a phrase that will make you want to cry in your pillow: “The night always complicates everything. It brings this sense of cheap despair and darkness. Can the words were spoken in it be true? You need a bright light to see what is real.”

Day Taylor – The Black Swan

The plot of this novel is set between 1852 and 1865, following a story of two memorable characters whose lives were forever changed by the Civil War. The captain of the Black Swan named Adam Tremain denies his loyalty to the South and begins helping fugitive slaves escape to freedom. Dulcie Moran is the gorgeous and strong-willed daughter of the richest slave-breeder in Savannah. The love story of the two, which develops against the background of the war-torn South, is full of incredible passion, jealousy and deceit.

Frédéric Beigbeder – Love Lasts Three Years

Beigbeder has earned the glory of a French provocateur who, in his novels, in a sharp, ironic and cynical manner speaks of simple things. The protagonist, Mark Marronier, is already known to readers from the book 99 Francs and in this novel, Mark is experiencing the end of a relationship with his once beloved wife. The main reason for their divorce is a short shelf life of love. But life forces him to plunge into love again, even though he knows that in three years the end of this relationship will come.

This book will definitely appeal to all who are going through a difficult period in a relationship and seek to understand the mysterious feelings of love.

Cecelia Ahern – P.S. I Love You

This is a stunning novel about the power of love, which does not fade away even after death. Jerry was only 30 years old when he was diagnosed with a fatal disease. And even after realizing that there is no hope, he does not lose his optimism. To make it easier for his wife Holly to accept his death, he wrote her letters. Every month after his death, a message was waiting for Holly in her drawer. Letters helped Holly not only accept the loss of a loved one, but also find the meaning of life. History proves that true love is stronger than death.

This novel is worth reading in a difficult life situation when it seems that there is no way out. P.S. I Love You will serve as a shock therapy for those who do not see the light of hope.

Audrey Niffenegger – The Time Traveler’s Wife

One of the most touching, tender and unusual love stories involves a time traveler. But he does not have a time machine. To put it simply, nature endowed him with an additional gene. He does not control his time traveling ability and, thus, he cannot predict it either. He met his wife when she was six and he was 36. They got married when she was 23 and he was 31. She knows more about him than he does. But to live with him is not easy, because every move may be his last. Claire lives in constant fear, but love gives her the strength to fight not only for their family, but also for the life of her husband.

This story is about a strong woman who is ready to challenge fate and time. After reading, be sure to watch the film of the same name starring Rachel McAdams.

Kevin Milne – The One Good Thing

Nathan Steen always carries six pebbles in his pocket. It reminds him of his promise in the past. Six pebbles are six good deeds per day. Sometimes this is completely trivial and sometimes—something more. But what made him make such a promise? What happened in the past that causes Nathan to now do his best to help people? Nathan is not ready to reveal his secret even to his wife whom he trusts with everything he does.

This is not just a story about love for another person but about love for other people—pure and unselfish. This novel is for those who are looking for a book that will warm their heart and give them hope in life.

Gwen Bristow – Deep Summer

Judith Sheramy’s father, a Puritan and war hero from New England, receives a piece of land in Louisiana in gratitude for outstanding service to the king’s army. During the family’s journey down the Mississippi to their new home amidst wild lands, Judith meets Philip Larne, an adventurer who catches the girl’s eye with his fine clothes. Philip is a shady character, to say the least, but Judith doesn’t care, as her heart already belongs to him.

All that Philip can expect in Louisiana is acres upon acres of land that has never seen any civilization at all, overrun with pirates, bloodthirsty Indians and jaguars. Philip and Judith will have to go through many challenges of their marriage in the times of the American Revolution, trying to build a better life for the future generations of their family.

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