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Pretty Things

by Stacey Michelle Spencer

The afternoon activities are coming to a cool
The last keg is tapped dry
Fireworks create living paintings
Across an indigo sky
Uncle plays the ukulele while sister sings her song
Sunlit buzz of conversation
Rides on the wind until dawn
Hopefully someday later
When we recollect respectfully
We will find this memory
Laid out before our friends, ourselves
All the pretty things in life
Alongside everything we need
God please care for us
Help preserve our hearts
We have much in our earthly thoughts
Life has become an art
Yet we are raw like oysters inside
Polished by our problems
Washed up in high tide


Stacey Michelle Spencer lives in Alabama. Her poems and flash fiction have appeared in Birmingham Arts Journal, Deep South Magazine, Black Heart Magazine, Toasted Cheese Literary Journal, Cease Cows and more. She is also a former dance student, artist and self-taught guitarist. 

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