by Wil Michael Wrenn

I was a child then –
I sat on a creek bank
down in a hollow
and let the cool, clear water
run through my toes.
I didn’t know
of sorrow,
or loss,
or endings;
I only knew a child’s world
of goodness,
of hope,
and the pure joy of being alive
on such a bright,
blue-sky day…

The years have come and gone,
and I have come to know
I have come to know evil
and been touched by despair,
but I still believe that somewhere
there’s a place where
the innocence will be reborn,
where we shall surely see
the ones we love,
where there will be

and no more parting,
no more tears,
no more good-byes,
where we shall live
and be like children
again –
forever young,
forever free,
surrounded by joy
and laughter,
and after the reunion,
we’ll sit down on a creek bank
and dangle our toes
in the pure, living water
of heaven.


Wil Michael Wrenn is a poet/songwriter who lives in rural north Mississippi. He has an MFA from Lindenwood University and is a songwriter/publisher member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). His work has appeared in numerous journals, magazines and anthologies. “Reunion” is included in his recently published book by Silver Bow Publishing titled Seasons of a Sojourner.

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  • robert funderburk / August 28, 2019

    Perfectly composed poem. Flows like that Heavenly creek.

    • Wil Michael Wrenn / October 25, 2019

      Thank you, Robert!

      Best wishes,
      Wil Michael Wrenn