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Eel Dreams & Continental Drift

by Stacey Michelle Spencer


Eel Dreams 

The light as it fades
In the depths
The vampire squid
In its twilight zone
My painted toe nails
In thermocline rich
Blue green crystal clear water
Forming sweat beads under
A humming tropical sun
Night dreams aglow with
Sparkling phytoplankton


Continental Drift

Do I need to worry myself a little more
Shifting inside my shift dress
Trapped behind the bedroom door
Is the bell calling for azure flower
Blues in skyline hues
Or telling me that it’s time
For drinking dark reds in drab beds

Wait, don’t worry, wait
Chill out on that eternal chatter
Writing cloud script in your mind
When happy hearts collide
Among discarded moon pies

I am making and finding it not at all
Deluding or shrewd or breathtaking
Just a thought or a word or two
One here, another there
To make send parading daydreams
Idling off into the elusive sunny somewhere


Stacey Michelle Spencer lives in Alabama. Her poems and flash fiction have appeared in Birmingham Arts Journal, Deep South Magazine, Black Heart Magazine, Toasted Cheese Literary Journal, Cease Cows and more. Stacey is also a former dance student, artist and self-taught guitarist.

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