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7 of the Most Popular Pastimes in Mississippi

If you are ever in the South and find yourself seeking the heartbeat of the Delta, you needn’t look far to find the people of the state of Mississippi demonstrating what it is they do best. Mississippi is a state of culture, rhythm, art and dance, a diverse community home to traditional dishes, late nights and the birthplace of the blues—exactly where you need to be no matter the time of year.

To give you a crash course as to what the fine people of the state of Mississippi indulge in, here are several of the most popular activities trending in this Southern state.

Watching Blues Bands Perform Live

The birth of blues music came from the heart of Mississippi’s Delta region and, as a result, visitors traveling through the state will experience something akin to a euphoric experience, hearing multiple bands playing sophisticated blues. Follow the Mississippi Blues Trail that runs throughout the state to find bluesmen and women and the places where they lived.

One of the most popular pastimes is watching live bands perform some of the most noteworthy gigs in all of the states.

Playing Online Casino Games

The Southern people sure do have luck on their side. If you count yourself as lucky, sign up today and find out if you truly have Southern blood running through your veins. Online casino games can be the highlight of quiet evenings on humid porches and an option when the rain pours from the heavens.

Mississippi also has brick and mortar casinos in several cities, like Biloxi on the Gulf Coast and Tunica on the Mississippi River.

Attending the Fair

You will always find a community fair of some sorts happening in Mississippi. Communities come together for festive events celebrating food, religion, farming and friendship on a regular basis. People unite to share in whatever the fair is promoting, and families can be seen enjoying food, games and fellowship.

Experiencing a Festival

Whether it’s a food festival or a music festival, like the Mighty Mississippi Music Festival in Greenville, you can count your lucky stars that you might catch a glimpse of one of these authentic events while visiting the state. Festivals are enjoyed by both young and old and take place year-round.

Visiting a Literary Location

One of the most popular attractions in Mississippi is William Faulkner’s home of Rowan Oak, which is open for tours in Oxford. The state also unveiled a new Writers Trail in 2018 that includes historical markers for Faulkner, Jesmyn Ward, Richard Wright, Eudora Welty, Richard Ford and more.

Learning About Arts & Heritage

Mississippi has no shortage of culture. Voted as one of the top activities to do in Mississippi, a variety of tours focus on the state’s history and unique culture. Museums like the quirky Walter Anderson Museum in Ocean Springs and new Civil Rights Museum in Jackson offer an unmatched experience to learn about the state.

Sipping at a Brewery

Visit a local brewery to discover the finest liquor in all of the Southern states and let a cold brew help you beat the summer heat. Breweries in cities like Natchez, Biloxi and Hattiesburg offer tastes and tours, with Lazy Magnolia in Kiln being the state’s first brewery.

Take these memories home with you and come back to make new ones. Next time, the most popular activities might have changed, but you can always count on finding authenticity in Mississippi.

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