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Louisiana Dark Romance: ‘Until Hell Freezes Over’ Book Review

Reading books is an activity that many people prefer above any other form of entertainment. No matter how many years pass, the book market remains stable. More than that, it continues to grow.

When people have to do something time-consuming, like travel or wait in a queue, they are bored, especially if they have nothing for which to entertain themselves. For this reason, they read all sorts of things, ranging from hastily bought bland newspapers to reviews of Jackpot City NZ and various ads. That’s why it’s better to always have an ebook ready. Romance is a genre that many readers define as their favorite, and the romance of the South makes it the perfect setting for this type of novel. Consider Until Hell Freezes Over by K.S. Morgan and republished in 2018.

Until Hell Freezes Over: Plot Overview

The events in this novel take place in New Orleans, Louisiana. The female protagonist, Hazel, is abducted from her small, poor village and taken to the manor of a wealthy and mysterious man named Aidan, who can go from cold to hot in the span of one minute. He’s busy working on his research into Hell, having dedicated years of his life to it. In the pauses between research, he seeks to have lovers, and this is the role Hazel is supposed to fill. But of course, nothing goes as the protagonists expected. Aidan is not as dark as he hopes to portray himself, and Hazel is a refreshing example of a smart, self-aware woman who doesn’t melt at the first smile from her object of interest.

She sees through Aidan on many occasions, not jumping to conclusions but building theory upon the theory in an attempt to understand him. While she finds herself enjoying their sexual intimacy, Hazel isn’t in a rush to fall in love. She strives to make sure that Aidan is worthy of her consideration before her feelings begin to take shape and gain depth. Despite her initially submissive role, Hazel quickly takes the power back and fights for what she wants.

The romance between Aidan and Hazel is intriguing and realistic. K.S. Morgan skillfully shows the progress from sexual attraction to infatuation and then love. Aidan and Hazel change each other, but at the same time, they cause each other pain that not everyone can survive.

Ties Between K.S. Morgan’s Book and Key Louisiana Events

The events of the book happen in the 1930s, and the 1918 hurricane season plays an important role here. It destroyed many areas, turning numerous locations into swamps. In turn, swamps gave birth to scary legends. The Louisiana swamp has a crucial relevance in Until Hell Freezes Over because it signifies both death and life of the protagonists, tying into Aidan’s research into Hell in an unexpected way.

Everyone knows what the idiom that K.S. Morgan used as a title means: the inability of something to happen. This way, Aidan never thought he would be able to fall in love, just as he never expected Hell to be not a hot but a freezing place. It destroys one’s hopes and mind, and even though Aidan is pleased that his research wasn’t futile, it has the power to become the worst nightmare of his life.

Until Hell Freezes Over is a dark book with surprising twists and chilling conclusions. Both the protagonists and the secondary characters are developed in stunning ways—in fact, the entire book can be viewed as a character study. The fact that these events happen in the South only enhances its charm and uniqueness.

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