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Useful Tips for Backpacking Through the Southern States

Have you heard the saying, “Whatever the question, traveling is always the answer?” For backpackers, this is a rule to live by. Being adventurous and crossing yet another country from your list always makes you feel good about almost everything, right? If you’re thinking you could use a new adventure right now, how about visiting the Southern part of the United States?

To ensure this backpacking experience is as enjoyable as possible, here are some tips for visiting the South.

Embrace diversity

If you’ve done a little bit of research, you’ve noticed how beautiful and vast nature is in this part of the United States. If you’re a trekking lover, don’t miss out on the Appalachian Trail in North Carolina, as this almost 2,200-mile route will provide you with countless breathtaking views. If you don’t feel that adventurous, how about spending a day in a city like Athens, Georgia, and enjoy the fantastic architecture? Those who prefer to spend their vacations near the beach will find Biloxi, Mississippi, to be their heaven on earth. If you’re looking for great parties and exciting nightlife, you can’t afford to miss the famous Miami, Florida, where partying never really stops. Thanks to its diversity, whatever you want your next destination to be, you will easily find it in the South.

Plan carefully

There are seven states considered to form the Southern part of the U.S.: Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee. Depending on the duration of your trip, decide on the number of states you will be able to visit. For instance, if you’re only going to spend one month in the South, three states is plenty. Spend at least one week in every state to truly experience the culture, meet people and feel the energy of the place. Rushing from one place to another will not provide you with nearly as memorable an experience than if you take it slow. Also, make sure to count in the time you will spend traveling from one place to another, but several states in the South are not that far from each other.

Pack essentials

Deciding what to bring on your next backpacking adventure is usually determined by the season of your destination. As the majority of the Southern part of the U.S. enjoys sunny and dry weather throughout the year, you won’t need to pack heavy sweaters and jackets. However, if you plan to trek into the mountains, keep in mind that the temperature there is much lower. Also, leave your luxury belongings, such as Cartier watches or Sky Dweller watches, or some expensive earrings, at home as you might lose them somewhere or have them stolen from you. Don’t overpack as you will easily find anything you need in stores along your journey.

Flying or driving?

This is one of the most common doubts many travelers that visit this part of the U.S. have due to beautiful scenery that cannot be enjoyed thoroughly from an airplane. However, flying saves you time so that you can see more places. How to choose? Well, first determine your budget for transportation. Keep in mind that you will need to pay for accommodations, food and some other things as well. The best option would be if you could combine these two options to truly make the most of your trip. Don’t forget your driving license if you plan on renting a car.

Booking accommodations

Backpackers usually like to go with the flow and determine the next place they’ll visit one or two days ahead, but while traveling in the U.S., it would be wise to book accommodations a bit earlier. This way, you will be left with more options to choose from and, consequently, you will find better deals. As most backpackers love staying in hostels to meet new people and exchange experiences, you should check how quickly your desired hostels get booked, so you don’t lose a room you wanted.

Visiting a new place is always a great experience and, when backpacking, you know you’re going to enjoy it by foot even more. In case you were already planning to visit this part of the world or were desperately looking for a new destination, we strongly encourage you to visit the South for some of the most spectacular moments of your life.

Photo by kooikkari from Flickr Creative Commons.

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