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How to Stay Safe Behind the Wheel This Labor Day Weekend

Summer might be winding down, but one of the biggest weekends of the season is still on the horizon. Labor Day weekend means tons of people will be out and about. From pool parties, a weekend at the beach or time spent at the lake—if there’s water nearby, you can expect crowds to follow.

Whether you’re staying in town or heading off on a road trip, there are plenty of ways you can stay safe on the roads. Check out these five tips to keep in mind while you’re behind the wheel this Labor Day weekend.

Plan Ahead

If you’ve got a long drive ahead of you, do what’s necessary to prepare your vehicle for a road trip. Get a tuneup before you go and make sure to pack any emergency items you might need.

Even if you’re staying in town, it’s a good idea to create a list of everything you’ll need—from food and drinks to pool floats and sunscreen—before the weekend starts. Spending as little time on the roads as possible over the weekend can help relieve a lot of stress.

Leave Earlier Than You Think You Should

For those headed out of town, it’s always a great idea to get on the road much earlier than anticipated. Traffic is typically pretty crazy leading up to the weekend, so the sooner you can leave, the better. Give yourself plenty of extra time so you don’t feel the need to rush.

Stay Alert at All Times

There’s no way to tell who’s on the road around you, so it’s best to be prepared for anything. Whether someone has been drinking and driving or traffic suddenly stops for a wreck up ahead, it’s necessary to stay alert and drive defensively in order to help keep you safe.

Be Patient

Because of the high volume of vehicles on the road and potential for accidents, there may be a few holdups while you’re driving. Stay as patient and cautious as possible behind the wheel. This is the perfect time to play road trip games with your friends and family.

Use the Free Sober Ride Program

Perhaps one of the most important ways to stay safe on Labor Day weekend is to avoid drinking and driving at all costs. While it’s probably safest to stay off the roads entirely over the weekend, if you absolutely need transportation, always have a designated driver. Free sober ride programs are an awesome way to help prevent drinking and driving—particularly if your designated driver ends up wanting to have a drink or two.

Remember that you’ll have much more fun over the holiday weekend if you’re being safe. Keep these five tips in mind and have the best Labor Day weekend possible.

Photo by Jillian Chilson from Flickr Creative Commons.

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