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Staying Active in the Winter: The Best Winter Sports You Haven’t Tried in the South

Are you looking to stay more active this winter, especially as temperatures in the South get closer to freezing? While it’s tempting to go into hibernation, you’ve got so much more to gain by getting out there and getting active. Check out this guide to learn about the best winter sports you haven’t tried in the region.

Winter Sports for Snow Enthusiasts

Snow can be notoriously thin on the ground during a Southern winter, but you can still get your powdery fix in several places if you know where to look. North Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia have no shortage of seasonal ski resorts. When the weather underdelivers, snow machines take over to make up the centimeters you need to hit the slopes. 

Here’s a winter sports list for those who love to head out in their snow gear and make the most of the white stuff.


If you love skateboarding and surfing in the summertime, snowboarding is the winter sport for you. The principles are the same, except snowy slopes like those in North Carolina or West Virginia take the place of waves or tarmac. You can rent all of the snowboarding gear you need at a resort, so it’s easy to indulge on a whim without laying out too much cash. 

Snow Skiing

Snow skiing is something you have to try at least once in your lifetime and you don’t have to head up North to enjoy it either. Again, competent instructors, ski gear and ski equipment are available to hire and rent when you arrive at resorts like those in Blowing Rock, North Carolina. There are also slopes geared to your level of experience so you don’t need to worry about disparaging looks from Olympic-level skiers or skiing injuries while you learn. 

Snow Tubing

This is a super fun activity that anyone can do. Basically, you slide down an icy gradient while clinging to an inner tube for dear life. License to Chill Snow Island in Georgia has the fastest snow tubing lanes in the country, so it’s definitely one for the bucket list. 

Ice Climbing

This activity is not for the faint-hearted, but it’s surprisingly popular in the South. Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and North Carolina can all come up with perfectly climbable ice features given the right conditions. Scaling these frozen heights certainly takes skill and practice. Yet, according to this ice climbing guide, you can start out with manmade obstacles to ease you into the sport.

Ice Games

Team events you can enjoy on the ice include ice hockey, broomball and bandy. All you need to enjoy these winter games is an ice rink and some willing teammates.  

Other Winter Pastimes in the South

For temperatures that stay in the low to mid-’70s during wintertime, Northerners flock to Florida’s beaches during the winter months. This means many traditional summer activities like surfing and sunning yourself continue unabated in this state during the wintertime. Other top winter activities include enjoying cool weather hiking and walking in state parks or indulging in indoor water park thrills at a Great Wolf Lodge Resort.

Whether you enjoy traditional winter sports or prefer something a little more laid-back, you’ll find plenty to inspire you right here—snow or shine. 

Featured photo by Vladimir from Flickr Creative Commons; skiers from Blowing Rock’s Facebook page.

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