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3 Handy Apps for Having Fun in Georgia

Every destination has sights to see, and popular places may have signposts or helpful strangers to point you in the right direction, but there’s no guarantee. Fortunately, digital guides exist to help visitors who want to genuinely experience a state like Georgia, the home of Atlanta, Margaret Mitchell and peaches. From attractions to communities, there’s an app or website to make exploring easier.

What To See

Finding everything you’re interested in can be accomplished with a deep and tailored Google search. On the other hand, the Internet offers better solutions for people who lack the patience for full investigations or don’t specifically know what they’d like to do in Georgia. This is where sites like PlanetWare come in handy, providing detailed information on tourist attractions, hotels and general travel tips. The 100,000 creatures of the Georgia Aquarium are on the top of this app’s sightseeing list, along with Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site, the World of Coca-Cola and the Center of Puppetry Arts. Since all of these attractions are in Atlanta, that’s a city you may be getting to know quite well.

What To Do

Your plans should include evening entertainment, too. Since the first thing people tend to search for is music, Bandsintown was created as the perfect tool for concertgoers. Check what bands or musicians are scheduled in or near Atlanta at the time of your visit. Whether your tastes lean toward Khalid or the Wasted Potential Brass Band, you can specify your search by genre, date or a particular artist. Similar digital resources are available to help narrow down the best activities for you. Movies, plays and theme parks are as popular in Georgia as concerts, with organizers pushing for publicity through physical and online advertising. So, while exploring your tourism options, keep an eye out for featured events.

Who To Meet

Locals really are the best source of information on entertainment and culture. Experiencing a new place is impossible without getting to know its people. Having a familiar face welcome you to Atlanta or making a new friend who’s happy to share their wisdom of the area can take a lot of pressure off your adventuring shoulders. Romantics can immediately start looking to date in Georgia with Badoo, but they can also find someone to chat with about common interests or places a newcomer should stop on their journey around the city, if not the state. In addition to going out and talking to people, dating apps and networks are a great way to make yourself at ease in a new place, as well as organize fun gatherings with locals and other tourists.

Once you learn and equip yourself with the many digital tools at your disposal, Georgia will be an open book for you to enjoy. Plan accommodation, travel and entertainment early enough to spare you the headache of last-minute bookings. Above all, bring along a healthy appetite for a varied selection of activities and social opportunities.

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