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How to Budget for Your Next Southern Vacation

When vacationing at your favorite spot in the South, there are sometimes unexpected problems that can be costly. Whether it be renting a car or paying an extra fee somewhere along the way, it’s best to be prepared before spending unnecessary cash.

Pick Your Car Rental Carefully

One of the most common things to purchase when traveling is a car rental. Getting a car from the airport is full of fees and high prices that can easily be avoided. Before you travel, pick a car hire with Car Rentals UK, where you can compare rental prices anywhere in the world. Choosing your rental before will give you the freedom to pick the most appropriate ride for your family and save a lot of frustration during your road trip through the South. Though renting a car seems complicated, it doesn’t have to be if you simply plan ahead.

Have Flexibility If You Fly

Booking a flight can get expensive, especially if you want to fly at a certain time of day or with a specific airline. Going with a less expensive airline or having a late departure time can prevent these high rates. Flying with cheaper seats and possibly having layovers will definitely help control costs as well. While sitting in first class is nice, it’s much more cost-effective to skip the luxury seats and spend your cash elsewhere.

Avoid Downtown Hotels

Hotels in the middle of the city are always more expensive, and it’s a lot less hassle to stay in the suburbs anyway. Rooms within big tourist attractions like the Gaylord Opryland or Atlanta Marriott Marquis have high rates because of their central location, so it’s easier to skip the prime area and stay in a comfortable place farther away. Also, if you’re unfamiliar with your travel destination, it’s better to play it safe and stay out of the city to avoid things like traffic and crime.

Carry Snacks and Water With You

Stores within tourist destinations make bank off of overpriced water and other simple snacks. Instead of paying these high fees, always carry bottles of water, granola bars and other snacks with you. Amusement parks and other attractions usually have no problem with you carrying your own food. Remember that the $5 you spend on one bottle of water can buy a case, so it’s easier to pack smart and save some money.

Get a Room With a Kitchen

For breakfast, it’s a lot easier to cook something simple than spend money on a meal at a restaurant. Not only will it save you money, but it will also save you a lot of time as well. Remember to take advantage of continental breakfasts available at many hotels, as the selection is often broad and you can eat as much as you want for free. Hotels with free cookies like The Lodge at Five Oaks in Sevierville, Tennessee, aren’t bad either.

Find Free Tours

One of the best ways to explore your destination is a tour. However, these can be costly, time-consuming or even too fast-paced. Take advantage of free tours, which are more popular than you think. These trips have an option to tip at the end, which is at a lot lower cost than what you would spend on tour tickets for the whole family. Free Tours By Foot, which services New Orleans, Charleston, Nashville and Miami is a great way to see sites and just pay what you want.

Vacationing Soon?

While going on vacation does require some money, you shouldn’t have to spend on things you can skip. Picking a car rental beforehand, flying midweek and carrying your own snacks will avoid a lot of hassle and overspending. Even picking the right hotel away from your destination will help you save, too. Taking a trip is often relaxing and luxurious, but that doesn’t mean it has to break the bank.

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