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How to Stay Fit and Hydrated in the South

Various places in the United States claim to have the worst summers. Californians complain about high temperatures and high humidity. In Arizona, scorching temperatures test the upper bounds of the thermometer. Residents of the Northeast want everyone to know about their humid summers. Perhaps no place is more unbearable during the summer than the South, though. Extreme humidity is an understatement here. What you put in your body under these conditions has a profound effect on your overall health.

The South Can Feature Brutal Summer Days Regardless of Temperature

In fact, the overall temperature doesn’t need to climb that high to create terrible outdoor conditions. Humidity alone can leave residents of the South feeling burned and lethargic. Most residents don’t want to be confined to their homes for three months. To the contrary, they want to get out and exercise no matter the weather. It’s more than possible to stay fit during the summer days, but hydration is just as important, too.

Water: The Simple Key to Staying Hydrated

First and foremost, hydration is the key to combating hot days. You need to drink as much water as possible before, during and after exercise. Drink a safe amount that quenches your thirst but doesn’t make you feel sick from consumption. In addition to drinking water, you may also consider the benefits of hydration by IV therapy, for example, Charlotte IV or any other location near you. IV therapy can provide a more rapid and efficient way to replenish essential fluids and nutrients, which can be especially beneficial during postpartum recovery or while breastfeeding.

When the body is hydrated, your muscles and bones function as efficiently as possible. You’ll have more energy and won’t feel fatigued once you start exercising each day.

Don’t Forget About Vital Electrolytes During Intense Exercise

Depending on the intensity of exercise, you may want to drink something filled with electrolytes. The body needs more than water alone during intense exercise. Electrolytes help fill the gap and revitalize the body. You should avoid sugary drinks with electrolytes. Either way, you’ll have to replenish the body’s supply of sodium and electrolytes to avoid feeling exhausted after exercise.

Modify Your Exercise Schedule To Avoid The Heat

Most people exercise at a specific time of the day. If you tend to exercise outdoors at noon, then you might want to rethink your summer exercise schedule. In this case, exercising in the mornings or evenings can keep you from battling heat exhaustion. You can shorten your workout or reduce the intensity for those early afternoon sessions. You don’t want to push yourself too hard in the heat, because the risk isn’t worth the reward.

Attire Choices Make a Difference In More Ways Than One

Finally, your exercise attire can impact your hydration and overall performance. Try to avoid clothing that restricts your movement or restricts natural sweating. Sweat-wicking clothing can help keep you cool in hotter weather. Also, form-fitting clothing helps protect you from snags and other issues while exercising, summer or not. Even though it’s hot, remember to wear any needed protective gear like knee sleeves for HIIT workouts or a helmet when biking. Perhaps you want to look your best, but you can’t forget about practical exercise attire, either. You also want to ensure your clothes are helping prevent full exposure to the sun to avoid sunspots or damage to the skin.

Why Exercise and Hydration Remain Important During Summer

You probably don’t like the thought of being hot and sticky in summer months. Nonetheless, chances are good that you want to stay in shape and stay safe. A fit body is vital for your overall health, and you want to look and feel your best throughout the year. Heat and cold weather shouldn’t prevent you from exercising and keeping your body in the best possible shape.

You’ll reap countless benefits by continuing to exercise during summer months. Plus, proper hydration and other precautions ensure you do so safely. Nobody needs to put their health at risk on the hottest summer days. In the end, exercise is more than possible throughout hot Southern summers, whether you want to exercise outdoors or not. Hydration remains the single most important thing to pay attention to while doing so.

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