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How to Make Your Southern Travel Memories Last Forever

Traveling leaves you with the most beautiful memories. Whether you’re hiking the Great Smoky Mountains, jamming out to live music in Nashville, indulging in beignets in New Orleans or soaking up the sun in the Florida Panhandle, there are so many elements you’ll want to remember forever.

Though they say memories can last a lifetime, your brain probably does not have the capacity to forever remember all the details that made your Southern visit so special. How can you make those memories stand the test of time?

Create Your Own Travel Blog

Travel and tourism website design has become a trend highly valued by travelers all over the world. If you spend a lot of time traveling, a great way to chronicle it digitally is through your own travel website or blog from a desktop as a service provider. There are so many incredible options, like Azure windows virtual desktop, that allow even the most technology-inept travelers to build their own site. Choose a color scheme or simply get started with a template to easily publish not only all of your vibrant images, but any of the detailed stories you wish to remember. The site can act as your digital journal or can be a resource for sharing travel tips and useful information with other travelers. Depending on the amount of information you want to share, you can organize the site by trip, country and even type of adventure. You can also seamlessly connect your social media, which is the next great tool to make your travel memories last forever.

Spread Your Experiences Socially

If designing a website requires a little more effort than you intended, social media is another great way to hold onto those memories. By sharing your photos in a social media feed like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you can not only memorialize the photos, but also include short captions. These captions can encompass the essence of your thoughts and feelings in the moments of those experiences. Using social media is relatively simple and allows your friends, family (and even other travelers if you like) to follow along on your journey. You can also use it as a resource to find new places to explore while traveling. If you use hashtags while posting, those hashtags will connect you with others who have traveled to the same places. For example, if you’re traveling to the Keys and want to find the best spot for sunsets, search by #keywest or #floridakeyssunset to find the photos other travelers shared on their journeys through the South.

Say it With Video

Sharing your travel memories and stories via video can transport you back to that exact time and place any time you want. If you use a platform like YouTube to house your special videos and stories, you can look back on every detail of each moment you capture while traveling. If you don’t want the videos being displayed publicly, you can password-protect them. This allows you to pick and choose who will be able to access the videos as you have the option to share the password with whoever you want. If you prefer for your videos to be seen throughout the web, then you can keep it public and use it as a vlog.

When traveling to a new place in the Southern U.S., there are so many things to see and do. From historical landmarks to beautiful mountains and pristine beaches, an infinite number of memories are waiting to be made. But how can you capture these moments and memories in a way that makes them everlasting? By creating your own travel blog, you can have a digital journal filled with not only photos but unlimited thoughts alongside them. If you choose to spread your experiences socially, you, your loved ones and even the whole world can share in them. Lastly, creating a vlog and publishing your videos can literally freeze incredible travel moments in time.

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