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How to Plan the Ultimate Family Road Trip

Road trips are perhaps the most popular travel option. Despite the fact that they are very affordable, organizing a road trip often raises a lot of questions. How to plan for everything and not forget anything? How difficult is it to organize a road trip to another state? How to make sure that all family members are satisfied?

We’ve prepared some tips to help you plan the ultimate family road trip. Follow them and your vacation will be interesting and unforgettable.

Create a Plan

Together with your fellow travelers and family members discuss the route, timetable, possible stops and, most importantly, the purpose of the trip. What is more important for you: just getting to a place of rest or moving from city to city to explore a variety of attractions?

Calculate the Budget

Despite the fact that a family road trip to the Great Smoky Mountains or Gulf Coast is much cheaper than a flight, you can’t avoid some expenses. You need to think about gasoline, accommodations, food and entertainment. If you want to save money, fill a full tank before leaving, then you don’t have to refuel in the first available place and pay a higher price. Preparing food can also cut your costs.

Check Your Car

It would be a shame if your road trip was canceled because you forgot to check your car. Make sure it is in prime condition. A visit to the mechanic will help you avoid unplanned expenses for car repairs on the road.

Don’t Forget About Entertainment

A long journey awaits you. The open road can be boring so it’s better to prepare for entertainment, especially if you are going on vacation with your children. Audiobooks, tablets, card games—it could be anything. If you find something interesting along the way, like one of the world’s largest rocking chairs in Gulfport, Mississippi, or Pasaquan folk art complex in Buena Vista, Georgia, be sure to stop. Who knows, maybe the sightseeing tour in these cities will be the most memorable experience of your trip.

Take Snacks

Even if you plan to eat in roadside cafes, don’t forget about snacks and drinks. Anything can happen on the way. Pack pimento cheese sandwiches, protein bars, fruit or salted peanuts, and take enough water for all members of your family.

Take a Map

A reliable GPS, roadmap or a navigation app is indispensable during a road trip, especially if you’re traveling in the South for the first time. The correct route can reduce fuel costs, and save you time.

Think About Security

Even if you know how to plan the ultimate family road trip, don’t forget about safety. When traveling long distances, always take an emergency kit. It should include first aid items, a spare tire and connecting cables. If you travel in the winter, be sure to take an ice scraper, shovel and some warm blankets.

Leave a copy of your travel route with friends or relatives. Also, no matter how off the beaten path you get, make sure your phone is always charged and the map handy.

Photo credits, from top: Open road by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash; car at night by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash; and reading the map by Natalie Rhea Riggs on Unsplash.

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