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What Are the Strangest Laws in the South?

Whether you live in the South or you’re just visiting, you always want to make sure you follow the rules and the laws of the land. However, some Southern laws are so strange and outlandish that it can be tough to follow them.

The following are some of the craziest and oddest laws in the South.

South Carolina—No Working on Sundays

Sure, plenty of businesses not just in the South, but around the country, might be closed on Sundays. That’s fairly traditional, and Sunday is seen as a family day or day of worship. Some businesses have made not being open on Sundays an integral part of their business model, like Chick-Fil-A.

However, in South Carolina, it’s illegal to work on Sundays. There is a section in the South Carolina code of law stating that it “unlawful” to work on Sunday.

Other crazy South Carolina laws? If you’re going to play pinball in the state, you better be an adult. It’s unlawful for a minor who’s younger than 18 to play unsupervised pinball.

If you thought you might go to a dancehall on a Sunday, think again—that’s not allowed either.

Finally, in South Carolina, if you’re looking for a place to keep your horse, it’s illegal to do so in a bathtub.

Florida—Don’t Fall Asleep Under a Hair Dryer

Florida is known in general as one of the wackiest states in the country. On any given day, there’s usually a news story involving Florida and an off-the-wall situation.

There’s a state law in Florida that says women can be fined if they fall asleep under a hairdryer, so if you’re getting your hair done, keep that in mind. Your salon owner may face a fine as well.

If you’re not married, you aren’t allowed to legally parachute on Sundays. The penalties? Arrest, fines and possible jail time.

You’ll need a license to skateboard, and if you’re in Pensacola, you can’t roll a barrel down the street because it’s illegal. You also have to pay the parking meter in Florida if you use it to tie up your gator, goat or elephant.

Alabama—No Fake Mustaches in Church

Next time you go to church in Alabama, leave your fake mustache at home. It’s illegal if it causes laughter in the church.

It’s also illegal to be blindfolded while you’re operating a vehicle in Alabama, which seems reasonable enough.

Bear wrestling matches are illegal as well, and you can’t play dominoes on Sunday. You legally can’t stab yourself to make someone feel sorry for you in Alabama, and you can’t put salt on a railroad track, or else you might get the death penalty in the state.

Finally, while you’re in Alabama, make sure you don’t drive the wrong way down a one-way street if there’s a lantern on the front of your vehicle.
As far as city laws, don’t wear blue jeans on Noble Street in Anniston, and in Montgomery, don’t open your umbrella on the street because it may spook nearby horses.

Texas—Don’t Show Your Stockings

If you’re in Dennison or Bristol, Texas, sort out your stocking issues before you head out on the town. Adjusting your stockings in public could carry a one-year jail sentence.

If you are planning to commit a crime in Texas, you should give your victim at least 24 hours advance notice, according to state laws. You’ll also need to let them know the nature of your crime.

If you’re thinking about selling your eyes, remember it’s illegal in the Longhorn State, and if you’re staying on the second story of a hotel, don’t shoot a buffalo.

Ran out of milk? It’s also illegal to milk someone else’s cow, and to be barefoot, you need a permit.

While some of these laws may seem humorous, it’s a good reminder that legal misunderstandings can have serious consequences. When you go this blog, it explains further how long someone can be kept in county jail. This is especially useful in places like Texas, where the laws are often different.

Tennessee—No Skunk Smuggling

If you were going to bring your skunk to Tennessee, think again. If you cross Tennessee state lines with a skunk, it’s a Class C misdemeanor. However, you might be able to get away with it if you were to put your skunk on the border and have it walk across on its own.

If you spot any delicious roadkill, don’t pick it up. It’s illegal to gather it and consume it in Tennessee.

Arkansas—Watch Your Horn By the Sandwich Shop

In Arkansas, you can’t honk your horn anywhere drinks or sandwiches are served after 9 p.m.

Make sure you’re saying the state name correctly while you’re there to stay out of trouble. If you mispronounce Arkansas, you’re going against the law, even though you won’t have to pay a fine or go to jail for it.

Louisiana—Make Your Jambalaya How You Want

If you’re going to Louisiana and you’re hoping to get a bowl of the state’s famous jambalaya, just know that when it’s made traditionally, it’s not subject to state sanitary code. The traditional way to make jambalaya is using wood fires and iron pots.

If you steal an alligator in Louisiana, you could face up to 10 years behind bars. The same goes for crawfish theft.

If you have hogs, you can only feed them things cooked on the premises immediately before it’s given to them, and if you have dentures and bite another person, it can be considered aggravated battery.

You can’t dare someone to go on another person’s railroad tracks, and even though it’s everywhere, it’s still illegal to practice voodoo within the city limits of New Orleans.

Kentucky—Don’t Forget to Shower

If you’re in Kentucky for any reason, know that you have to shower at least once a year. If you plan to sell dyed ducks, you have to sell at least six or you face a fine.

Additionally, if you’re a woman in Kentucky and you’re wearing red underwear, you have to marry the first man who proposes to you.

Finally, you can’t hunt an animal from a moving vehicle, unless it’s a whale. If it’s a whale, it’s legal to shoot it from your vehicle in Kentucky, so no worries.

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