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Top Things to Pack for A Holiday in Alabama

If “Sweet Home Alabama” remains one of your favorite romcoms of all time, it’s high time you visited this Dixie state. Contrary to the nationwide jokes, Alabama represents a great destination for winter or spring holidays, as it has plenty to offer in terms of entertainment and culture.

So, start packing and head to the place where sweet tea and “how y’all doin'” are the norm.


Lots and lots of bottles of sunscreen. Alabama, similar to Louisiana and Texas, is extremely hot during the summertime. If you visit from May to September, be prepared to sweat. However, Alabama is perfect for spring break as temperatures are high enough to help you get a tan without scorching.

If you’re fair-skinned or not used to high humidity in the Deep South, you should apply sunscreen every two to three hours before or after going in the water.


Staying hydrated in Alabama is as important as wearing sunscreen all day long. As we previously mentioned, temperatures in the summertime easily pass 100 degrees Fahrenheit, which means your average 17 ounces of water per day won’t suffice.

If you plan on spending the summer break here or just going for a weekend getaway, cold beers will taste great but also dehydrate your skin even more. Replace some average alcoholic beverages with unsweetened tea and plenty of water if you want to be strong enough to visit as many historical sites and museums as possible.

Comfortable running shoes

Alabama is known for its historical Southern culture with plenty of colonial mansions turned into museums. For instance, in Montgomery, you can visit the newly opened National Memorial for Peace and Justice, as well as other civil rights sites.

With such a rich history to discover, you’ll need to pack accordingly, and this includes bringing a pair of comfortable running or walking shoes. They should provide perfect arch and heel support to reduce tension and prevent your feet from swelling, because you’re going to be doing plenty of walking.

A lightweight outer layer

While temperatures can top 100 degrees from late spring through fall, it is important to also pack a lightweight jacket or jersey with you as it tends to get cold in museums.

This clothing piece also proves a good option if you plan on spending your nights outside, sharing drinks with friends or even taking a midnight swim. Although the weather is still humid, you might need a lightweight jacket to keep you warm after dark.

An external battery

You’ll be taking thousands of pictures at museums, restaurants, national parks and historic homes, so make sure your phone is ready at all times. Bring a small external battery with you to never run out of power when filming.

You can carry all these essentials in a backpack, and if you’re looking for some good and affordable ones, there are hundreds of suitable choices on the market.

Your appetite

Prepare to gain a few pounds on your trip, as this Deep South state is known for its deep-fried dishes. From hashbrowns to fried okra, oysters, tomatoes and finger-licking chicken recipes, everything is either deep-fried or cooked in melted butter.

You can take the dishes with a side of garlic bread or a salad, but you’re still likely to replace that six-pack with a belly. No matter how hard you try, true Deep South hospitality includes huge food portions served with extremely sweet tea. Don’t try to fight it.

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