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5 Things You Should Know About Gambling in Mississippi

Gambling is one of the most popular sports-related entertainment activities around the world. Its potential to generate a lot of wealth, the possibility of addiction and other ethical questions have made it one of the most regulated entertainment activities worldwide.

A large majority of gambling activities are regulated to prevent money laundering as well as secure the very lucrative revenue streams for the government. To this end, Mississippi has set in place several rules that make it a delicate matter whenever you want to gamble.

To get a clear picture, we will look at some of the legal activities, as well as the illegal ones, and shed some light on the grey areas too. Violating these rules has varying consequences.

Betting Online Is Illegal in Mississippi

In the Magnolia State, it is illegal to place a bet online. All forms of online gambling have been limited to land-based or water-based gambling. This requirement states that you must be present physically at a licensed premise to place a wager on your phone or computer.

Outside of a casino, gambling is limited. The reason for this is simple. Online gambling activities cannot be regulated adequately.

The authorities in charge of regulating gambling are the Mississippi Gaming Commission. The commission also regulated several other gaming activities, including bingo and poker, which can only be carried out in a premise that has a legal license.

Bingo is regulated by the Charitable Gaming Division to control charity bingo matches, which have slightly different regulations. Sports betting was only recently made legal; this is still limited to the premise of a licensed casino.

It is illegal to run any gambling game without a license in the Magnolia State.

Is Gambling Illegal in Mississippi?

Gambling outside of a licensed premise is illegal. Online gambling is completely restricted in Mississippi. The rules do not stop there. In the Magnolia State, you cannot operate any form of gambling game without a license.

At the moment, there are a little over 30 licenses issued by the gaming commission, which means there is a limited number of places one can go to enjoy gambling. The licensing is strict so that keeping the industry under control will not become a complete mess.

Any individual intending to get a license must apply through the Mississippi Gaming Commission. This license only protects gambling within the location classified as the premise of the license holder.

Gambling Revenues in Mississippi

Magnolia State casinos made quite a killing pulling in large sums of money all year long in 2019. The state revenue collection is classified into two, the Gulf Coast counties and the Mississippi River counties, with two sections by the Department of Revenue.

It is easy to see why the sector is so heavily regulated. Mississippi, despite being a very poor state, is lucrative in the gambling industry. According to the Gambler’s Daily Digest, the state averages $4 million in gambling revenue.

You Can Gamble Legally at Bovada

Given all these restrictions, where can you gamble online from the comfort of your home in Mississippi? Bovada is the online gambling solution for residents of the Magnolia State. Bovada is one of the largest and most popular gaming sites.

It is an offshoot of Bodog and currently the only way you can legally gamble online in the state. The highest ever payout on the site was close to $1.5 million. The minimum buys-in of ten dollars means anyone above 21 years, the minimum age for legal gambling, can enter.

The site offers a variety of gambling options, ranging from sports betting in their diverse sportsbook with very attractive odds to the more traditional gambler’s favorite, poker. They also have a wide-ranging list of proprietary games with very good returns.

Bovada can be accessed anywhere in the state without restrictions on licenses. According to OnlineCasinoGems, there is a slew of benefits to be enjoyed by online players who visit Bovada casino.

Can You Get Arrested for Online Gambling in Mississippi?

In all honesty, there is little incentive for the authorities to arrest any individual for gambling online in the U.S.A. Gambling is generally a harmless activity and often does not harm any third parties outside of one’s finances. It is, therefore, not an immediate concern to invest resources in hunting down and arresting individuals gambling online.

However, there are a large number of arrests that are related to mobile or online gambling activities throughout the country. There is a compelling case: According to The New York Times, policemen who were caught online gambling and arrested.

If you look at all the cases, one trend immediately becomes apparent, and these individuals were almost always arrested.

It is wise to stay away from online gambling, in general, to ensure that you are not caught on the wrong side of the law. You can, however, gamble online on offshore sites, which is not illegal, as in the case of Bovada listed above.

Gaming in Mississippi: a Changing Landscape

The last decade saw a lot of progressive development on laws regulating online activities such as data privacy and online gambling. In time, we can expect the continuous pace of technological advancement to force government authorities to take action in amending existing laws accordingly.

Once adequate controls have been developed for online gambling, we can expect some slackening of the online gambling laws. The Mississippi Gaming Commission, like all other commissions in the country, looks at what other states are doing and adjusts their regulatory landscape as needed. In that line, more progressive changes in other states are likely to have a positive impact on the same laws in Mississippi.

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