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Experience the Best Hotels of the South in Your Home With These Products

Who doesn’t like a hotel stay or at least the idea of one? Luxurious comfort in a place where you can truly escape from all of your worries. But why do hotels make it so easy to relax? And is it possible to get those same feelings in your home?

The answer is “yes, you can get hotel-quality relaxation in your own bedroom at home.” The caveat is that you just need the right setup. Using five luxurious Southern hotels as examples, we’ve compiled a list of the supplies you need to get a similar feel in your own home.

Amp Up the Luxury at The Peabody Hotel

Courtesy of peabodymemphis.com

Above all, your bedroom must be a sanctuary from your day-to-day life. It’s worth taking a moment and thinking about what a “luxury suite” means to you. Would it have full, floor-length curtains? Classic art? A large bed?

“Luxury” is all about feelings. It has no minimum price tag. The Peabody Hotel in Memphis has recently undergone a full renovation. Where did the bulk of their budgets go? Bathroom renovations and updated “soft goods.”

In the world of hotels, “soft goods” refers to textile objects: towels, comforters, curtains and pillows. This is where the Peabody spent millions of dollars during a 464-room renovation and demonstrates just how important a great pillow is to your sleep experience.

From soft and firm pillows to rolled neck pillows, hotels of all stripes are beginning to expand their pillow menu. At home, the easiest renovation you could make would be a pillow update. It may be worth trying something new, like a set of wedge pillows for improved breathing during sleep, or a satin pillowcase for improved hair texture and clearer skin.

It’s All About the Dress Code at The Greenbrier

readontheroad from Flickr Creative Commons

Few hotels these days have a strict dress code. The Greenbrier in West Virginia is one that has retained its dress code. With formal dress at dinner and pajamas banned from the dining halls, this establishment wants to help you cultivate a new routine and frame of mind.

What you wear in the bedroom can drastically affect how well you sleep, as well as how you feel when you wake up. It can even affect the quality of your sleep. Ideally, pajamas will keep you cool naturally during the night, as being too warm is likely to prevent your body from falling into a deep sleep and staying there.

For those that like to spend time in their bedrooms reading or enjoying other quiet activities, a comfortable robe is a perfect solution. While the Greenbrier may provide these to its guests, you should have no trouble finding your own.

Literary Influence for Inspired Dreams at Hotel Monteleone

Courtesy of Hotel Monteleone

Hotel Monteleone, in the old French Quarter of New Orleans, takes inspiration for its one-of-a-kind suites from famous authors. Each room is inspired by a given author, with artwork, colors and other décor to match that theme and personality.

Reading before bed, or writing in a journal, for only six minutes can reduce your stress level by up to 68 percent. Reading helps take your mind off of your troubles, and that intense concentration allows your muscles to relax. Keeping a few books in your bedroom can help you pick up this simple, quick habit.

Get Back to Nature at Blackberry Farm

DieterWeinelt from Flickr Creative Commons

Looking at nature or natural scenes, like those offered at Tennessee’s Blackberry Farm, helps reduce stress and keep you in touch with the bigger picture. Even if you don’t have the same wonderful views at home, you can still incorporate natural elements into your bedroom’s décor.

From acorns in a bowl to a painting of butterflies on the wall, nature-inspired décor is easy to find and is often free. Floral print sheets are another option.

Plenty of Space in Sea Island

Courtesy of Sea Island

Sea Island’s guest rooms are big, but not cluttered. This Georgia resort’s rooms look lived-in, but are still luxurious like you’ve found a secret hideaway. Bringing this feeling into your home and your bedroom is easy enough if you remember to size things appropriately.

For example, a king-sized bed in a small room will make the room feel even smaller, while an appropriately-sized queen may make the room itself feel just right. By that same token, removing a headboard can increase the available space in a room, and removing a footboard may make a bed seem more spacious.

Instead of these two limiters, you may wish to try a wall-mounted fabric headboard to increase comfort and take up less space. While a padded bench at the end of the bed, with storage inside, can add all kinds of new functionality to a room.

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