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Why Traveling Makes Us More Creative

Dallas, Texas’s giant eyeball sculpture is 30 feet tall and located across from The Joule hotel on Main Street.

A Columbian professor of the business school who has explained in many of his works the relationship between traveling and creativity stated that “foreign experience increases both cognitive flexibility and depth with the integrativeness of thoughts and the ability to make deep connections between different forms. This critical process is influenced by multicultural engagements, immersion and adaptation. Cognitive flexibility is the ability of the mind to jump on between different essential ideas and imaginations; it is a vital component of creativity.”

Traveling is not just about leaving your home to travel to a foreign land, going on a family vacation, couples’ honeymoon or a holiday getaway. It also has to do with interaction, learning, self-improvement and overall new experiences. With traveling comes new sounds, new smells, unique tastes, new languages and new sensations. All of these ignite our brain to build new connections and interpretations of events.

You might wonder why and how exactly does traveling increase creativity? There should be some factors in place to facilitate open-mindedness, self-confidence and out-of-the-box thinking.

The more you travel, the more open-minded you become as you meet new people and encounter new situations. This causes the rewiring of your brain, empowering you to view and interpret things differently and helping you come up with creative and different solutions to problems. John Lehrer, the author of Imagining, explained this when he said, “The experience of another culture endows a traveler with an open mind which makes him understand that one single event or thing can have multiple meanings.”

An Innovative Mindset

Innovation is the primary root of creativity. To be innovative, though, you can’t just go to a new place like the beautiful Hotel Indigo Dallas and hang out. Creative thinking comes with extensive interaction and involvement. The more you get involved in the Texas culture, food and language, the more innovative you will become.

Get Out of the Box

The traveler’s mind can be a labyrinth that does not see problems but instead sees new opportunities. The more you travel, the more you will meet people and understand why they do the things they do. This, in turn, allows your thinking to become more creative and diverse as you are not just applying your thoughts, but the views of other people you have met during your travels.

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