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Let’s Go To Texas!

Find out why people are flocking to the Lone Star State.

Texas is home to 28.7 million people, according to the 2019 Census Bureau. Texas is one of the fastest and fastest-growing states, attractive to people’s lives and work. Not only Americans from the northern cities of Detroit, Pittsburgh and Cleveland move here willingly, but also immigrants. Between 2015 and 2019, the population of Texas increased by 12.7 percent, while in the U.S. as a whole the increase was half as much (6.4 percent over the same period).

The cost of land, houses and apartments is much lower in the Lone Star State than in other states. According to the same Census Bureau, the vast majority of Texans, 63.8 percent, live in their own homes. The warm climate makes life cheaper and more comfortable here. All year round you can usually do with light clothing, and most women wear flip-flops, sneakers or cowboy boots, of course.

In Texas, the population density is relatively low, less than 80 people per square mile, and when you drive, you can see how spacious living spaces are— huge areas of land are not built up. The rural population is only 17.5 percent. The rural population includes those who live on a ranch and are engaged in agriculture. And cities here are considered settlements even with a dozen inhabitants. Total, according to the Census Bureau, there are 1,510 cities in Texas, of which about 600 have less than 1,000 inhabitants.

Dallas, Texas

However, the majority of Texans live and work in major cities. The two main agglomerations, Houston/Galveston and Dallas/Fort Worth are home to nearly 45 percent of Texas citizens. The largest city is Houston, with just over two million inhabitants, and with Galveston and satellite towns that increases to six. Dallas and Fort Worth also have about six million inhabitants, and San Antonio is the third-largest city. But the capital, Austin, has only 700,000 residents, so after huge, bustling Houston and Dallas, it seems like a provincial city.

Each of the major cities in Texas has a traditional downtown with skyscrapers and low-rise residential development. But each city also has its own sights, historical and cultural monuments. Downtown Dallas is relatively small, and its main attraction is the Majestic Theater. There’s music all day long, crowds of tourists walking in the evenings, and the air is filled with the flavors of various national foods. By the way, you can easily find wonderful options for accommodation in hotels like the Omni Dallas Hotel

All of the world’s nationalities meet here in Texas, from Chinese to Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Hindu, Pakistani and Vietnamese.

In Texas, everyone has enough space to spread out, and many people create their own national associations, keep their language and hold national festivals and holidays to celebrate their heritage.

Perhaps the best way to judge the multi-nationality of Texas is by the variety of restaurants, cafes and shops, including Indian, Peruvian and, of course, Mexican, not to mention Texas BBQ. There’s truly something for everyone in Texas.

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