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Head out in Style with a Clear Fanny Pack

Fanny packs were mainly used by travelers to carry cameras before the advent of smartphones equipped with high-quality cameras. While those cameras have now become outdated, the smart pouches used to carry them are coming back in fashion. Stylish versions of these pouches or fanny packs, as we call them, have hit the market over the years. With the establishment of the clear bag policy at many arenas and concert facilities, these packs have started coming in clear plastic and vinyl material. A clear fanny pack is a stylish and convenient alternative to bulky handbags. Besides, this functional fashion accessory aids in maintaining security.

The Introduction of Clear Bag Policy

Clear stadium bag policy was introduced by the NFL back in 2013. The policy received a lot of appreciation as it meant strengthening the security system at stadiums and simultaneously speeding up the security check procedure. Many stadiums, concert halls and other places that witnessed mass gatherings adopted this policy thereafter. Southern stadiums like Mercedes Benz in New Orleans and Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte were among the first to implement this policy, and clear fanny packs particularly garnered the interest of Southern women supporting their team.

Clear fanny packs made of leather and cloth fabric were already quite popular in the region. With the introduction of this policy, those made of plastic and vinyl also became a hit.

No More Fretting about Matching Colors

Southern women are known for their fashion sense and know that choosing the wrong color can ruin a look. Thankfully, with the introduction of this clear bag policy, you no longer have to fret about choosing different shades of bags to match various clothes in your wardrobe. Isn’t it a blessing in disguise? Now, women can spend more time choosing a matching pair of sandals each time they go out.

Other Kinds of Clear Bags

Apart from chic fanny packs, stadiums also allow other kinds of clear bags, including tote bags, cross-body bags and backpacks, among others. The size specifications of these bags, as well as the material used, are clearly stated in the policies.

While backpacks and tote bags can be a good choice for those going on a tour, no other bag can offer the comfort and convenience provided by a fanny pack when you go out to enjoy a game of soccer or a rock concert. It is suggested that you position it in front to avoid pickpocketing.

If you have a fanny pack already, then be sure to flaunt it. If you don’t have one yet, get one so you’ll be ready for football season next fall.

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