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Top 5 Universities in the South

by Jennifer Lockman

The Southern states have a rich culture to offer students, including delicious BBQ, country music and plenty of hospitality, of course. In each state of the South, you can find an institution that has earned a great reputation for its achievements. The founders of these universities left a considerable imprint on the history of the country, while the institutions have already given this world a number of top leaders. Here is a short guide to the best universities you can find in the Southern states.

University of Georgia

University of Georgia is known to be the oldest state-chartered research university. Its main campus is located in Athens. Student life is said to be vibrant at this institution, as there are around 800 student organizations here, including fraternities, religious groups, cultural groups and social groups. In Athens alone, the institution holds around 470 buildings. Just recently, at the beginning of 2020, the University of Georgia was ranked in the “Top 50” list of American private and public higher education institutions. Among the famous founders of the university were Lyman Hall and Abraham Baldwin. The state of Georgia itself is renowned for being the birthplace of Coca-Cola and the No. 1 producer of pecans, peanuts and peaches in the country.

Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Tech is the best public university located in Atlanta. It was founded in 1885, and it takes the fifth place in the list of the best public institutions in the U.S. Athletics is an integral part of student life here. Georgia Tech’s sports team, the Yellow Jackets, are a four-time national champion. Georgia Tech even has a personal fight song called “Ramblin’ Wreck from Georgia Tech.” It has been these achievements that manage to keep this institution in the national spotlight. As a student joining this university, you will get to enjoy a unique family spirit supported by local sports.

University of New Orleans

UNO is a renowned public research university based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Its history dates back to 1956, when New Orleans was the biggest metropolitan area in the country. This university is known to be driven by the motto “Great City, Great University,” which highlights the pride people and students take in this institution. There are more than 120 student clubs here, including 15 fraternities and sororities, which is why student life is quite vibrant here. So if you want more free time to enjoy college as well as the city and its world-famous carnival of Mardi Gras, it might be reasonable to consider the service – write my essay. Among the most notable alumni of this university are Ellen DeGeneres, Pat Barry and Jim Bullinger.

Duke University

Duke in Durham, North Carolina, is one of the wealthiest private institutions in America—and it is known to be a top producer of international scholars. The university is also recognized for its achievements in sports: local students compete in many basketball and athletic events, while the university itself hosts more than 60 art events on a yearly basis. You will not get bored here for sure. On top of that, Duke University has a rich and exciting history. Although the founding of this university can be traced to tobacco money, the official policy of the institution doesn’t allow smoking within 10 feet of dining facilities and residential buildings, while smoking on campus is completely banned. The state of North Carolina is a draw in itself with the Appalachian Mountains and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, one of the most visited national parks in the country.

University of Virginia

University of Virginia, located in Charlottesville, is proud to have a relation to one of the Founding Fathers of the U.S. and the principal author of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson. This institution also has an impressive list of alumni, including Wyatt Allen, Karl Gordon Heinze, Tina Fey and Edgar Allen Poe. It’s also interesting that the people who graduated from this university also started world-famous companies like Reddit and CNET. The students that live in the state of Virginia can enjoy famous local oysters and first-class art museums and galleries in Charlottesville especially.


No matter what institution you go for, make sure you feel at home there and can relate to the culture of your chosen university. It is also important to decide whether you want to live in or near a big city with an active life or choose something quieter. As well, make sure you enjoy living in the state, its climate and culture. However, each institution has something great to offer, so whatever your choice is, it is going to be a great investment in your student life and future career.


Jennifer Lockman is a dedicated writer with 5-plus years of experience. Thirst for knowledge, a can-do attitude and attention to detail make her writing clear and compelling. Her specialties include marine biology, biology, chemistry, history, English, business, accounting and management. Her essays are always well-researched and usually get many reposts.

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