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A White Horse & A Black Crow

poems by Stuart Gunter

A White Horse

A single white horse
tearing grass out of
a wet green field, tail
swiping. Just beyond
in the mist, a brick
rancher. In the kitchen
a woman sits at the table
sipping black coffee
from a cup that reads #1 Dad.

A Black Crow

A single black crow
perched on a pile
of brush ready to burn
on another day. Rain
mists down. Beyond, cows.
A new split rail fence
separates field from road.
A white car drives by.
Behind the wheel, a man
quiet, not quite lonely.
He takes a sip of coffee,
steam rising. Sees a crow.


Stuart Gunter is working toward a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling at Longwood University and lives in Schuyler, Virginia. He likes to paddle the Rockfish River and play drums in obscure rock bands. His poems have been published in Hiram Poetry Review, The Madison Review, Gravel, Deep South and Into the Void, among others.

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