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The Effects of Education on One’s Wellbeing and Society as a Whole

Nowadays, there are many factors to be considered when it comes to estimating a person’s wellbeing and success in life. Therefore, it stands to reason that asserting whether a person is truly happy or not is not an exact science, which makes it something not easy to determine. However, there are those factors considered to be clear indicators of a person’s outcome in life. These can be used as indicators of a person’s wellbeing and attitude toward life.   

The factors being examined here include a person’s employment status, income and social status. It is easy to see that all of these factors are directly affected by one’s level of education, at least in the modern world. The direct influence it has on these factors shows how education influences peoples’ wellbeing.

However, we must understand that education not only affects the direction of a person’s life in the modern world alone, but it has been doing so for ages. For many people, when the word “education’ is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is the classroom and a teacher standing at the front of a blackboard.

While that scenario might be true, it does not encompass precisely what the term “education” means. This is because the way we learn has been changing gradually as time goes by. From the beginning of time, human beings have been educating each other through the use of word of mouth. Those who knew a particular skill passed the knowledge to others by showing them how it was done.

Even though this might be very different from the modern way of learning we are used to, it is still education. In recent times, technological developments have spiced up the way we conduct our learning processes. With the invention of the internet, every student has a seemingly simple way of getting writing help whenever they find their writing assignments challenging. Provided that a student has gained access to a computer and an internet connection, a new world full of learning tools is now open to them.

Does Education Influence the Wellbeing of Society?

Education has a significant influence on how society works, whether it is in the modern or ancient world. For instance, when the first caveman discovered the concept of the wheel, he taught the next one and the next and, eventually, carts were built. Through the use of these carts, work was easier and quicker. In turn, it freed up time for people to engage in other social activities. More social interaction then created more interconnection in society, which made it more civilized.

Fast forward to modern times, and you will find that education is a tool that helps individuals create their social identities. Through the understanding of oneself and the relationship he or she has with others, we can shape our social identity. One’s outcome in life usually determines a positive or negative identity, including things like health, political engagement and social trust. Education is directly related to these factors, which is the reason why it greatly affects the society at large. Some of the effects education has on society include:

Enhancing the capabilities of competing in the global market place. When people are educated, they acquire skills that enable them to participate in the worldwide market. Furthermore, they are also able to produce products that will do well in the market as they understand how it works. This education not only helps generate personal wealth, but also grows the economy as a result.

Maintaining peace. Radicalized groups usually use propaganda as a way to manipulate people. Uneducated people who can’t determine the truth can be easily tricked into uprisings that only serve a few people. Therefore, educating the masses can be one of the best ways of ensuring geopolitical peace.

Creating the backbone of any democracy. Democracy only thrives if the right leaders are elected. People’s education levels hugely affect their ability to choose wisely.

Education significantly affects the wellbeing of society, as it gives people the insight to look back and learn from their past mistakes. This ensures that terrible errors from the past are all eliminated.

Education also helps to create a form of equality in society—getting jobs on the merit of educational qualifications and experience is a far better method than giving jobs based on social status as it in the caste systems. Therefore, education can be a great equalizer that is tolerated by society.

Even though our current mode of learning is very different from how it was done in ancient times, the primary outcome of the education process is to pass on knowledge. Skills and knowledge acquired through training impact the way we conduct our lives at an individual level and also in society at large.

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