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Three Poems by J.K. Beach

Appalachian Coronation

Stark winter ridden land, that men have carved
homes from your harshness
need not be questioned
on those bright-sightful days
when white shouldered majesties
bear their sunsets
like a host citrine crowned

Now is the Wind Whistle

Through the banshee wood
Keening and gnawing
Both breath and bone
Here is the why for doubts
In the slippery stream
Making for aching
In waters misty cold as moon
After is the dead slow
Within the mind settle
Sleeting the thought frozen
In the darkness of an afternoon
Then is the sing song
In the spring of another day
Shaping and mending
After thinking that it never could

Beech Trees Whisper Where I Walk

Tan ghosts cling to silver
with hard frostbitten stems
Dry-to-the-bone remains
against their dancing
        Hard wood these trees
slow to grow and learn the
truth of winter’s wrath
They chant and mock
the wind and rain
and snow and cold—
instruments of winter’s
campaign to
rout the summer’s growth
       Brave militia unyielding
they hang on to haunt
the winter marches
of mindful creatures
with brave songs
whispered from the dead


North Carolina native J.K. Beach is an architect, wood craftsman and writer currently living in Charlotte. His work has appeared in various journals, most recently in the now sadly shuttered Charlotte Viewpoint

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