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Texan Moods & Louisiane

poems by Michael Martinec

Texan Moods

cicadas in the oaks
buzzed        sang         beat
their tymbals against the hanging heat
trees in texas resemble
over-large rude shrubs
conceived in the mind
of the Grimms

all the while
with sordid airs in disquieting sadness
against the sagging heat
cicadas croon in the bitter oaks
boys could hear them
outside the parlor window
while they’d mumble out a tune

He sat at the piano situated in the corner of the room, cut off by a single row of foldable chairs that made the cramped room near unbearable and played Willis Alan Ramsey’s “The Ballad of Spider John” as I stood next to him and mumble-sang intermittent lines, never remembering whole sentences or even verses. 

the sun began its setting
like prismatic chalks smeared
together on the grey
shoulders of a road
that ran by Dime Box
through the thickening swelter
on the way to Houston

stifled angers and ill humors
in their sagging skins
bleeding sweating vomiting
unable to communicate
as cicadas in the oaks
buzzed        sang         beat
their tymbals against the forbidding heat



to Thibodaux!                       I knew a girl from there

she walked through open treeless bayous
whose stench was stinging
as if the nasal passage had been opened by a knife
and the wound reveled in noxious gasses gnats orgied in a buzz around the ears
everything acrid and pernicious
making her swat and stumble
through the bayou through the bayou through the bayou 

narcotized by the heavy stick of the air
to the country chapel         resting in the foreground
where clapboards of wood warp in and out as paints fleck in the wind
                                                 the church    wheezing like an emphysemite

tiny brown creeks
leading back like veins from the heart
tributaries tickling through the bayou
running to the horizon               its tweaking waters
run miserably backward                     blood reversed in the vessel


Michael Martinec is a poet from Texas, with family all over East Texas and
Louisiana. These poems are inspired by time spent in those places and are an attempt to capture the aura of the area. 

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