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Lesser-Known Towns in the Deep South Worth a Visit

One of the most exciting and best-loved parts of the country is the Deep South. The area classically includes the South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi. These states have a distinctive take on life and a unique flavor with which to delight visitors. While those in Pennsylvania can play at PA online casino sites to have fun, the Deep South has many forms of entertainment and attractions. One way to truly experience the region is by taking in lesser-known destinations brimming with authentic culture.

Which towns in the Deep South are off the beaten path? Read on to find out.


A perfect example of location that should get more attention is Savannah, Georgia. Home to stunning architecture, friendly locals and a thriving music scene, Savannah is located near the Georgia coast on the Savannah River. Music lovers will enjoy the piano bars and live jazz clubs, while foodies will love tasting some of the best seafood in the South. Savannah is also known as one of America’s most haunted places, so book a ghost tour if you dare.


Lovely Natchez, Mississippi, is a real unsung gem of the Deep South. It is the oldest town on the Mississippi River and was founded back in 1716 by French fur traders. Located near the Louisiana border, Natchez lies at one end of the beautiful Natchez Trace Scenic Byway. The architecture in this town is sublime, with fabulous plantation houses and grand homes steeped in history.

A visit to Natchez Historical Park is certainly worthwhile to see Melrose and the William Johnson house. Of course, as a modern town, there are plenty of excellent bars and restaurants to enjoy in Natchez come evening. King’s Tavern, which dates to 1789, is well-loved by many for its fantastic range of cocktails. To get the most from this cultural highpoint of the Deep South, take a ride on an open-air bus around.


Another well-kept Mississippi secret is enchanting Vicksburg. This town is known around the Deep South as being the place to visit for history buffs. First formed in 1811, Vicksburg played a vital role in the American Civil War.

A visit to the National Military Park is moving, and you will see where the siege line was drawn during the battle fought there. As with many other Southern towns, the antebellum mansions in Vicksburg are a real treasure to behold. The Duff Green Mansion, in particular, is a stunning sight with its grand three-story design.


Greenville is undoubtedly one of South Carolina’s best-kept secrets. As with most towns in the region, Greenville is laid back and includes 39 city parks. As you find your way around this thoughtful community, take in Falls Park on the Reedy, which has some excellent trails to follow. Speed demons will also love the karting track, where you can race along a 750-foot route to glory. If you want to pick up a few souvenirs or some new clothes, the downtown district is the place to head for a range of boutiques.

Delve Deeper

The Deep South has long been one of the U.S.’s most popular destinations for both domestic and international visitors. Most will automatically head for the larger cities like New Orleans or Atlanta. While these are excellent spots to visit, sometimes it’s nice to get off the beaten track. Any of the above locations will make sure you don’t regret your time in the Deep South.

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